The Delhi police on Monday carried out searches at the residence of two editors of “The Wire” following a complaint by BJP leader Amit Malviya.

Searches at the residences of Siddharth Varadarajan and MK Venu by officials of the Delhi Police Crime Branch started in the evening, with their devices being examined on the basis of BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya’s charge that The Wire had used “forged documents with a view to malign and tarnish” his reputation. Crime Branch had registered an FIR on Malviya’s complaint questioning series of published reports alleging that he had undue privileges with Meta.

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The Wire, meanwhile, retracted the stories and filed a complaint against Devesh Kumar, a former consultant to the news portal, for allegedly handing over incorrect and fabricated information on the basis of which reports were published. The news portal stated that it was taking the stories off the platform “after conducting an internal review of the technical source material used, with the help of external experts”.

At the same time, they also announced that The Wire was conducting a comprehensive editorial review of the internal editorial process to address loopholes that resulted in lapses.