The revised consolidated figures for voter turnout in the fourth phase of polling in 96 parliamentary constituencies on Monday is 67.25 per cent, the Election Commission of India stated in a release late last night.   

“Polling in the fourth phase of General Elections recorded an approximate voter turnout of 67.25 per cent as of 11.45 pm. The same shall continue to be updated by the field-level officers as polling parties keep returning and will be available PC-wise (along with respective AC segments) live at VTR App, as was the case in earlier phases,” the ECI statement said.

Though the voter turnout was slightly higher in the fourth phase compared to the previous three phases since April 16, it was less than the 68.8 per cent registered during the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

Despite the scorching summer and lack of enthusiasm among voters, the ECI has been working to increase the voting percentage in the 2024 elections, with three more phases left for the remaining constituencies.

The first consolidated voter turnout estimate for the fourth phase of polling, released at 8 pm on Monday, was 62.84 per cent.  

Final revision

However, the ECI did not rule out a revision in the final consolidated figure to be released on Friday.

As per the commission, voter turnout was the highest in West Bengal at 78.37 per cent in eight of seats, followed by 76.50 per cent in Andhra Pradesh across 25 constituencies and 73.97 per cent in Odisha across four constituencies.

Maharashtra (59.64 per cent across 11 seats), Uttar Pradesh (58.05 per cent across 13 constituencies) and Bihar (57.06 per cent across five seats) recorded lower voter turnouts.

The voter turnout was 70.98 per cent across eight seats in Madhya Pradesh, 65.2 per cent across four seats in Jharkhand, and 64.74 per cent across 16 seats in Telangana.

J&K turnout

In the lone Srinagar seat for Jammu and Kashmir, the turnout of 37. 98 per cent was  the highest since 1996, when it was 40.94 per cent. The elections in J&K are the first since the abrogation of Article 370 and will be followed by assembly and civic bodies’ polls later this year.

In the last two Lok Sabha polls of 2019 and 2014, the turnout for the Srinagar seat was 14.43 per cent and 25.86 per cent, respectively.