1. Deep work vs shallow work — I try to bring humility in managing milestones. I am ambitious, but also remind myself that I can only ensure 100 per cent effort but cannot control the outcome.

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2. Keep the learning curve upwards — I continuously try to learn something new, whether it’s sport, music, cooking or a structured learning programme. This keeps my mind fresh and agile, away from day-to-day monotony.

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3. Get moving — I prefer an active life, important for both physical and mental well-being. I’m an early riser and exercise at least five days a week. I usually mix it up between weights, cardio and yoga for a holistic workout.

4. Take regular breaks — It helps break monotony and unwind. I try to take one short break every quarter and a slightly long winter and summer break.

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5. Ensure time for loved ones and keep good company — Family comes first and family time is extremely rejuvenating! We’re an active family and enjoy sports, outdoors and work out together. We take 3-4 treks a year.

The writer is CEO of vHealth by Aetna