1. My day starts at 7 am, with the first couple of hours to myself. I have a detox drink, followed by meditation and cardio, and 30 minutes of ‘self-time’ — when there are no external interruptions and I can contemplate various aspects of personal and professional life. This helps me plan and prepare better.

2. Office hours are loaded with work and meetings, so I listen to music whenever I get the time. This keeps me relaxed and I work with more focus.

3. My eating habits are evolving. Covid has helped us understand the value of eating right and healthy. There is a significant change in my health after cutting down on outside food and irregular meals. I have also developed cooking as a hobby during the lockdown.

4. Travelling, off-roading and adventure activities with friends remain my favourite getaway. I love to explore places that are of cultural and historical relevance. I am actively engaged in sports that keep me fit; I play cricket at least twice a week.

5. Spending time with my family, including my pet, helps me destress and reduce any anxiety.

The writer is CEO, Founder of Financepeer