AXISCADES Technologies Ltd has announced a partnership with Cantier, a Singapore-based powerhouse specialising in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with a focus on Industry 4.0 integration.

By leveraging AXISCADES’ global presence and product engineering solutions alongside Cantier’s MES expertise, the partnership promises to revolutionise precision, efficiency, and innovation in manufacturing processes.

The collaboration aims to bolster capabilities in connectivity and data-driven decision-making and expedite top-quality product production for their esteemed clientele. Cantier’s proficiency in providing real-time operational visibility and decision support aligns with sustainable growth objectives.

Arun Krishnamurthi, the CEO and MD of AXISCADES, said, “By integrating Cantier’s innovative MES 4.0 with our engineering and technology solutions, we are poised to transform the core of industrial manufacturing. We’re not just enhancing workflows; we’re creating a new period of manufacturing excellence with real-time insights and seamless digital integration.”

However, the shares were down by 4.81 per cent to ₹544.20 at 3 pm on Tuesday on the BSE.