For fresh graduates looking to enter the job market, skills like design, analytics and programming can open up a wealth of career opportunities, according to the leading professional network LinkedIn. Software Engineer, System Engineer and Programming Analyst are the top jobs for bachelor's degree holders, as per LinkedIn data.

Utilities is the fastest-growing industry for young professionals with a bachelor's degree, as per LinkedIn's Career Starter 2024 report. Other top industries hiring fresh graduates include Oil, Gas and Mining, Real Estate, Equipment Rental Services, and Consumer Services.

Regardless of educational background, various job functions are experiencing rapid growth. Ample opportunities are available for bachelor's degree holders in fields like Community and Social Services, Legal, Marketing and Media and Communication, it said.

"Entering a tight job market can be tough, especially at the start of a career journey. Staying updated on industry trends and in-demand jobs, and exploring roles that might not seem obvious at first, can widen options," says Nirajita Banerjee, LinkedIn Career Expert & India Senior Managing Editor.

Moreover, many skills are transferable across industries, and the rise of AI is creating more tech-related roles across various fields, leading companies to seek professionals with diverse educational backgrounds, Banerjee added.

"To expand their horizons, job seekers must keep strengthening their skills and networking with professionals," Banerjee noted.

According to LinkedIn, the trend towards more flexible working arrangements is growing significantly. Solely on-site roles are declining by 15 per cent and hybrid positions are surging by 52 per cent for entry-level roles year-over-year.

To compile this report, data scientists on LinkedIn's Economic Graph team analysed millions of member profiles and job postings.