Sanofi India has entered into an exclusive distribution and promotion agreement with Emcure Pharmaceuticals, involving the former’s cardiovascular products in India.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals will distribute Sanofi India’s brands including Cardace, Clexane, Targocid, Lasix and Lasilactone, with immediate effect, a note from the companies said.

While SI will continue to own, import, and manufacture these brands across Sanofi’s plants in India and internationally, Emcure will leverage its network to engage healthcare professionals and expand the reach of these therapeutic solutions for patients, the note said. Also, it added, “Sanofi India’s concerned employees will have the opportunity to work at Emcure.”   

Rodolfo Hrosz, SIManaging Director, said, Sanofi India has many cardiovascular products that are leaders in their respective categories. With Emcure’s wide presence across India, the partnership would maximize the reach of these products.Satish Mehta, Emcure’sChief Executive Officer and Managing Director, added that their competitive advantage was in their presence in all major therapeutic areas including cardiology. Sanofi’s brands would complement Emcure’s portfolio, he said, making it a robust offering. “Towards this endeavour, Sanofi’s relevant team also has the opportunity to join us,” he said.