The Finance Ministry has imposed definitive anti-dumping duty on certain Chinese industrial laser machines used for cutting, marking or welding.

The duty, which is valid for five years, ranges from 24.66 per cent of Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) to 147.2 per cent of CIF, depending on the producer. One producer has escaped the duty. 

The latest move is significant as the entire domestic industry for industrial laser machines is in the MSME sector. Some of these MSME companies have a turnover of ₹10 crore or less. 

Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd (SLTL) had filed an application seeking anti-dumping investigations on ‘industrial laser machine’ imports from China. The application was supported by Messer Cutting System India Pvt Ltd, Lastronics Technology Pvt Ltd and Protek Machinery Pvt Ltd. 

DGTR recommends anti-dumping duty on viscose rayon filament yarn from China

The Directorate-General of Trade Revenues (DGTR) had in its final findings — issued in September 2023 — recommended anti-dumping duty on the product. The dumped imports were found to undercut domestic prices by 40-50 per cent.

China determined prices in the domestic market due to the large market share it commanded. As a result, the domestic industry was forced to reduce its prices and suffered losses. The products considered for anti-dumping investigations included Laser Cutting Machines (LCM), Laser Marking Machines (LMM) and Laser Welding Machines (LWM). 

These machines are used for cutting, marking or welding on metal/ non-metal surfaces. They have a laser source that emits the laser required for cutting, welding, marking or other operations.