India’s mobile speeds increased by 115 per cent, climbing 49 places on the Speedtest Global Index since launching 5G, from 118th in September 2022 to 69th in January 2023. 

Ookla data shows improvement in LTE speeds for both Jio and Airtel since the launch of 5G services, as all their investments into network modernisation are paying off.

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Median 5G download speeds are 25 times faster than 4G. 5G performance has increased across early 5G adopters in most telecom circles. Kolkata achieved the fastest median 5G download speeds in January 2023 at above 500 Mbps. Jio experienced a top median 5G download speed of 506.25 Mbps in Kolkata, while Airtel of 268.89 Mbps in Delhi. 

5G availability increased 55-fold. Airtel and Jio have ambitious targets in terms of the 5G network rollout. From the 5G networks’ inception, 5G Availability across 5G-capable devices has steadily increased, reaching 8 per cent for Airtel and 5.1 per cent for Jio.