Apple recently updated the Shazam music recognition app, enabling it to work with third-party apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, as per 9To5 Mac. Shazam takes few seconds to provide details of the song.

Users can now tap on the Shazam icon appearing in the Control Centre and go back to the app to get the details of the song being played. Shazam takes the help of iPhone’s microphone to hear the song and can recognise the song when the app is in use.

Once the song is identified, Shazam will send a notification alert on the screen or Dynamic Island. Shazam will create a playlist of all the Shazam-ed music within the app and Apple Music (if linked).

How to use Shazam
  • Open Instagram, TikTok or YouTube app.
  • Play an Instagram reel.
  • Scroll down the above panel and tap on Shazam icon. One can turn it on within the Shazam app
  • Wait for a while, once Shazam recognises the song, it will send a notification
  • Tap on the notification to get the song details
  • A particular song can also be shared.

Apple acquired Shazam in 2018.