Five veterans associated with large electronics companies have come together to start a new venture - Awesense Five Pvt Ltd - for design and manufacturing sensors. The sensors play a pivotal role in monitoring and control systems, making their domestic manufacturing a priority. Due to their sensitivity and strategic importance, dependence on imports poses a significant threat. Recognising this, the group has emphasised the need to prioritise and invest efforts in manufacturing sensors locally, said N Ramachandran, Managing Director of the Chennai-based MEL Systems and Services Ltd, and one of the investors in the new venture.

“Our goal is to contribute to India’s electronics manufacturing capabilities and reduce dependence on foreign imports,” he added.

The other four are Sanjiv Narayan, Promoter and Director of the Delhi-based Syrma SGS Ltd; Pamela Anna Mathew, MD of the Ernakulam-based O/E/N India Ltd; Amrit Manwani, Chairman of Delhi-based Sahasra Group and Vinod Sharma, MD of Delhi-based Deki Electronics, said Ramachandran.

At present, sensors are mostly imported. The TVS Group has a photonics-based sensor company. There are other smaller companies, but the volume is very low. “We are aiming for only industrial sensors and the market in India should be in excess of ₹7,000 crore,” he said.

This venture brings together the diverse expertise of the five companies involved in electronics manufacturing. The approach aims not only to manufacture sensors but also to showcase the strength of collaboration, he said.

“We plan to concentrate on the industrial sensor market and parallelly develop sensors for the defence sector. We will not be getting into the consumer sector at this moment. We are importing more than seven thousand crores worth of sensors into India. These are mainly from Germany, Japan, South Korea, China and the US,” he told businessline.

“All of us will continue to run our own companies. The new venture will be a vehicle through which we will develop this business and it will be run by professionals. We will be the investors at the moment,” he said.

Ramachandran said the company has just been registered, and the group is developing a business plan. A detailed market survey to understand market requirements has been commissioned. The survey will guide decisions on product mix, required technologies, capital equipment and necessary skill sets, he said.

Defence is a huge sector where many sensors are used in all defence equipment to check the various parameters and control desired actions. For example, there are temperature sensors, fuel level sensors, airflow sensors, direction sensors and many more in an aircraft.