Ecosystem players in the Blockchain space have launched India Blockchain Forum to promote start-ups working in Blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies and carry out policy advocacy.

Telangana IT and Industries Secretary Jayesh Ranjan has formally launched the forum at T-Hub.

“We started it as an informal group recently and we have built it into a structured group,” a leader of the Forum said.

“We will work with governments, regulators, the industry and academia to build a holistic framework to promote the adoption of Blockchain and Web3.0.,” he said.

The forum is planning to set up its chapters in different parts of the country to increase awareness and access to global best practices in the two areas. Besides creating a talent pool for sustainable growth of the ecosystem, the forum would create a repository of use cases and forge global collaborations.

Some of the Founding members include Prasanna Lohar (Chief Executive Officer of Block Stack), Pankaj Diwan (Founder and CEO of Idealabs FutureTech Ventures), and Inderjit Singh, (Chief Cyber Security Officer of Vara Technologies).

In a statement on Monday, the India Blockchain Forum said it will open membership to all stakeholders with a mission to create the world’s largest Web3.0 community.