The 5G is here and so is the early adopters of the technology, especially in the healthcare, agriculture, education and cattle farming where a lot of startups showcased their capabilities along with their partners such as Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Ericsson, Nokia, Sankhya Labs and many others, right here at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022.

For instance, ‘Connected Clinic’, ‘Connected Ambulance’ and body vital tests on the go, are some of the interesting concepts that are being showcased, which can be deployed by the operators as part of the 5G launches in the next few months.

Crucial hours

“What we are doing here with 5G is we have connected an ambulance where doctors sitting remotely can monitor all the vitals of a patient inside the ambulance. The doctor can guide the paramedic who is not so well trained, right medication or right procedure in those crucial or golden hours of transporting the patient to the hospital in an emergency,” Lavanian Dorairaj, Co-founder, Managing Director and CEO, AmbuPod who has used Airtel’s 5G network said.

He said the best part about such ambulances is that they are small in size and cost less also (around ₹7.50-8 lakh) which can be driven around small lanes in the rural areas, and save a lot of time transporting the patients to the hospital.

Tele-medicine enabled

Similarly, Reliance Jio has also showcased the capabilities of such ambulances which are telemedicine-enabled and a doctor can see and feel all the vitals of a patient transporting in that ambulance from a remote location.

“There is a camera and speaker fitted inside the ambulance where the patient can also listen to the doctor watching him from a remote place and can see all the vitals such blood pressure, oxygen level, pulse rate, etc while on the move. There can be multiple screen opened up and doctor can interact with the paramedics in accidental or disaster management incidents,” a Jio official explained.

The companies using 5G router inside these ambulances which are connected with 5G network to provide the quality of services – dedicated throughput and latency – because a lot of data is getting downloaded and transmitted. Because of 5G, in millisecond the doctor can communicate with the paramedics.

Similarly, Ericsson has demonstrated 5G remote driving that will help to avoid sending staff to potentially dangerous zones. It allows people to drive a small vehicle that is in Stockholm over a commercial 5G network.

Remote monitoring

From remotely monitoring of cattles’ health to connected ambulance and classes. Telecom operators like Reliance Jio, Airtel and solutions providers like Ericsson and Nokia are handholding many startups also to help reach these services to remote areas too.

Sid Venkat, Founder of Eva, a Berlin-based drone infrastructure provider has invented drone charging station called ‘Vertipad’ which can be deployed in many farmlands so that they can be charged and used in spraying insecticides in acres of land.

Supporting networks

“We can deploy multiple Vertipads in a farmland just like a helipad (or drone ports) and multiple drones can be charged. We have already deployed them in some of the States already in India,” Venkat who was a naval helicopter pilot said.

Venkat has utilised Nokia’s network operations centre (NOC) and showcased how multivendor drone can be remotely managed with single NOC and support various applications over 5G networks (video surveillance enabling the anomaly detection, raising alarms and warehouse management).

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