NTT’s data center is witnessing strong demand in all the data center campuses which are in construction in Kolkata, Noida , Chennai and other parts of Maharashtra, Ravi Kumar, Senior Vice President, Global Delivery, NTT Data said

Last year the Japanese conglomerate had announced its plans to invest $2 billion over the next four years in hyperscale data center campuses and undersea cables. 

The company plans on spending $500 million over a span of four years. Earlier this year, NTT broke ground in the $241.5 million new data center campus in Kolkata. NTT plans on doubling its data center capacity by March 2024 according to recent reports.

Leveraging generative AI

NTT, which has merged its data center business with its IT business, has also started training its existing bench on tools to leverage generative AI. Specifically, prompt engineering. Kumar told businessline that the company is mandating its employees to have between 100-220 hours of training in AI. “We have more than 20 internal courses on AI, it is mandated for employees to dedicate 100-220 hours to AI training,” Kumar said. For the most part, NTT is not seeking out AI specialists while doing campus hiring. Rather, the firm is retraining its existing bench. 

NTT has over 40,000 employees in India out of which 3000 employees work in their IT services division. As Indian IT giants like TCS, Infosys and Wipro leverage themselves in the AI business as well Kumar added that their data center business allows them to offer a full suite of capabilities.

“We are the sixth largest IT services company in the world, and we also have a lot of data centers, no doubt about that.We are leveraging our data centers to provide better cloud solutions for customers. We are getting our fair share of IT deals amongst all the top IT players. We are much better suited to provide a full suite of services,” Kumar said.

At present NTT has data centers in Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai.