Sonata Software has announced the integration of its Harmoni.AI with Microsoft Azure AI service.

Sonata’s AI offering provides industry solutions, service delivery platforms, and accelerators. Using Microsoft Azure AI services, Sonata Harmoni.AI will fuel the institutionalisation of generative AI solutions and enhance operational efficiency.

Commenting that the integration is a pivotal advancement for Sonata Harmoni.AI, Samir Dhir, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Sonata Software, said, “We believe the Generative AI offerings resulting from this integration will empower developers and organisations to swiftly create responsible, intelligent, and forward-looking solutions using intuitive APIs and models.”

“In the dynamic digital landscape, Sonata’s commitment to responsible AI aligns with our vision of enabling customers to stay ahead and thrive in this era of continual evolution,” said Ali Dalloul, Vice President of customer experience engineering, Azure AI at Microsoft.

Sonata Software stock closed at ₹788 on the NSE on Thursday, declined by 2.12 per cent.