Introducing a brand new podcast series People@Work. As the name suggests, it will look at trending human resource issues and is hosted by our regular columnist Kamal Karanth.Kamal is a veteran talent specialist, and co-founder of Xpheno, a staffing solutions firm.In the first episode we have as our guest leading management thinker Shiv Shivakumar, Group Executive President, Corporate Strategy at Aditya Birla Group.In their conversation, the two touch upon the biggest workplace flashpoint in recent weeks – the issue of moonlighting. A related issue is the mismatch in how employees and employers perceive work today – the former thinks in terms of gigs, while the latter is still thinking in terms of careers. What should organisations be doing? Let’s listen in.

(Edited by Akshaya Chandrasekaran, Voice-over by Chitra Narayanan)