# Staying resilient: The pandemic has taught us to be resilient, says a seasoned voice from the Indian pharmaceutical industry, who is also Chairman-DRL.


# Nasal vaccine: Biotech International’s intranasal Covid-19 vaccine, BBV154, has proven to be “safe, well-tolerated, and immunogenic” in subjects in controlled clinical trials, it said in a statement. BBV154 is a recombinant replication-deficient adenovirus vectored vaccine with a pre-fusion stabilised spike protein.


# Vaccinating kids: The twin viral concerns of Covid-19 and monkeypox in children, especially those less than 12 years, are a worry for some parents — especially since countries like Israel, the US and the UK, for instance, have begun to vaccinate this age group against Covid-19.


# Weary caregivers: Caregivers of people suffering from cancer go through psychological distress which is often overlooked, affecting their quality of life and also patient care, according to a study by doctors of AIIMS Patna. Lead author Dr Rakesh said the study took longer than what was proposed in the protocol due to the Covid-19 pandemic which led to fewer people visiting the hospital for cancer treatment.


# Pfizer chief down with Covid: The top executive at Pfizer, a leading producer of Covid-19 vaccines, has tested positive for the virus and says he is experiencing very mild symptoms. Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla said Monday that he started taking Pfizer’s Paxlovid pill treatment and is isolating himself while he recovers.


# Covid delays return: Apple Inc set a September 5 deadline for corporate employees to be in the office at least three days a week, marking its latest return attempt after Covid-19 spikes delayed its plans several times. 


# Pharma @ 75: The rough and tumble of the pharma journey — listen in to understand how the industry charts its course through patents, a pandemic, and present-day supply disruptions.


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