Motu was looking rather pleased with himself as he walked into the gym. He had just heard that Chennai would not be hosting any more IPL matches this season. “Serves them right for denying us our fair share of Cauvery water,” he muttered to himself.

What’s up, Motubhai, you look pleased as Punch?

Ada Chotu, didn’t you hear the great news? We managed to get IPL matches moved out of Chennai...

Oh Motubhai, were you one of those who was bundled into vans by the police yesterday from Anna Salai for staging a protest?

Yes, yes, we managed to bring the mighty state to its knees.... And, of course, that dirty, stinking rich IPL too. It’s an unqualified victory.

As usual, you’re wrong, Motu. This is not a victory but a defeat for you and your friends.

Oh, come on. Did you see the mass expression of outrage on the streets....we brought the city to a standstill.

Yes indeed, I saw how some of your friends attacked innocent fans, disrobed them of their CSK jerseys and attacked policemen.... It was hooliganism at its best.

We call it democratic expression of outrage. But tell me why it’s a defeat?

Ok, I’ll ask you a question. What was your demand?

Why, we demanded that the central government should notify the Cauvery management board as per the Supreme Court order.

Fair enough, Cauvery is important for us. It is now two days since your protests and Modiji has even visited your fortress at Chennai. But have you got what you demanded, Motu?

Er, no.

So, there you go... Your protest has failed to have any impact.

But wait, our protests continue... Today we wore black shirts, waved black flags and released black balloons when Modiji came visiting...

Motubhai, your protests were a lose-lose-lose-lose proposition...there’re no winners, only losers

Tell me how.

The four parties to this protest — you and your hooligan friends, the government, IPL and cricket lovers — have all lost. Your demands are unlikely to be met for now, the government has lost tax revenues from the matches, IPL and CSK are facing losses from shifting the venue, and fans of this cricket-mad city are now denied the joy of watching a match.


Not just that. The biggest losers are your fellow Tamils, the marginalised sections whom you claim to represent.

Think of those small vendors outside the stadium vending everything from sundal to body paint, from CSK flags to water and soft drinks.... Think of the cab and auto drivers who would have made a neat pile ferrying fans to and from the stadium, think of the eating joints in the neighbourhood that would have made roaring business... They all lose because of you and your stupid idea of blocking IPL.

You’re right, Chotu. I didn’t think of these....

And your so-called leaders, the discredited film directors who’re all well past their “use by” date... I feel they have an agenda here that is more than just Cauvery waters.

You think so?

IPL matches cut into their base. You may want to check if attendance in cinemas drops during the IPL season. Cauvery was just an excuse to kill their competition....

Now I know why they say you’re brilliant, Chotu...

Cut that out, Motubhai. Now go ask your film-director-leaders a question for me, will you?

Of course...

How about picketing cinemas and stopping Kollywood dead in its tracks?

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