Exchange of ₹2,000 notes

Apropos ‘What’s really behind the recall of ₹2,000 notes?’ (May 31), while the ₹2,000 note was originally issued to replenish the drastically depleted stock of currency as fast as possible apart from effectively dealing with the menace of black money and terror funding. It was claimed that fake versions of this note cannot be produced, thanks to its unique design.

As regards recalling of these notes, the official version states it is being done as part of RBI’s clean note policy and that the notes can be exchanged at banks and RBI’s offices. It’s a different matter that various banks have been adopting different approaches as per their own convenience, despite RBI’s clear-cut guidelines on this. Enough publicity about RBI offices across the country should have been given to the public to ensure trouble-free exchange of the notes.

Vinayak G

New Delhi

Clean note policy?

The government seems to be determined to not let the people know the real truth behind the withdrawal of the magenta coloured ₹2,000 note. Therefore we can only conjecture. Since the note was not in circulation like other denomination notes, the lifespan of the note would be greater than the usual currency note. Therefore the explanation of the clean note policy does not hold. What stops the government from revealing that the exercise is undertaken to unearth black money?

Anthony Henriques


Promoting Amul

Established market, procurement/sales network and administrative set-up in the milk sector are not available in all States. Therefore, Amul should target such States where organised network for milk and milk products is not available, instead of trying for brownfield takeovers. The Centre should should help brands like Aavin to expand its network instead of killing it for the benefit of a particular brand.

AG Rajmohan,

Anantapur, AP

Politics at play

This refers to ‘Milk the opportunity’ (May 31). With Tamil Nadu opposing the entry of Amul, Karnataka Milk Federation’s Nandini may also face a similar backlash. Kerala’s MILMA has already opposed Nandini.

Amul is setting up milk processing plants in both Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Karnataka Milk Federation has big plans to expand its market in other States.

This could force Tamil Nadu also to sell many of its agri produce, including dairy products, in other States.

Obviously, the issue is more political than about improving the welfare of the dairy farmers.

Rajiv Magal

Halekere Village, Karnataka

Super skipper

This refers to ‘Visually: IPL 2023 recap’ (May 31). Chennai Super Kings won the IPL 23 final because they have the best captain and not because they have the best team. Gujarat, Bangalore and Mumbai teams were stronger going by team composition. It was MS Dhoni’s leadership that converted a good team into great.

While his personal aura as the most talented skipper India ever had helped the team morale, his handling of the team on the field motivated them to give their best. He inculcated the required self-belief in his players and that showed during the concluding overs.

YG Chouksey