NOTA option

As we approach the Karnataka elections, it’s important to remember that each of us has the power to shape the future of our country by participating in the electoral process — voting without fail.

But it’s unfortunate that the political system is so corrupt that the electoral battles are fought on caste, religion and money power. Only candidates who have money can win elections. So we are left with no real choice. But in our democracy the voter has the power to reject this corrupt system. One way we can exercise this power is by using the NOTA option on our ballot.

If a significant number of voters choose NOTA, it sends a clear signal to the political parties that they need to improve the quality of their candidates and address the concerns of the people.

Mohan Kubendra


Vote wisely

This refers to ‘Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023: All eyes on May 10’ ( May 9). Notwithstanding the alluring pre-poll promises made by the Congress, BJP and JD(S) to the voters, it goes without saying that the final outcome could still be surprising.

The emergence of a hung Assembly can’t be ruled out this time around too.

This view gains prominence as the ruling BJP may be faced with the huge anti-incumbency apart from its simmering internal fued owing to massive changes that were effected by the party high command in candidate selection.

Congress will be banking on the Gandhi family, party chief Kharge as also some key leaders who switched over from the BJP.

However, the JD(S) might be willing to play the role of the king maker. However, one earnestly hopes that Karnataka voters this time vote decisively. Mind you, May 10 happens to be ‘their’ day, so they must vote wisely.

Vinayak G

New Delhi

Air pocket

With reference to the Editorial ‘Falling from the sky’, given the number of airlines that have collapsed in the recent past — Kingfisher, Jet Airways, Air Costa — lenders must be wary of this sector despite its potential.

Category 2 or 3 routes are not profitable but for deeper penetration the government will have to nudge airlines into new destinations. To balance the revenues these airlines can increase and charge higher fares on Category 1 routes.

The government must brainstorm with all stakeholders to avoid Go First kind of scenario in future.

Bal Govind


Aiding the elderly

Considering that children are getting less inclined to look after aged parents, the reverse mortgage idea would be very appealing to many. Modern life has made it hard for children to help out their sick and aged parents.

This idea needs to be pushed more aggressively by banks who have senior citizens accounts. In spite of the many stories going around of children abandoning their parents, the filial bonds are still strong in India.

Banks would not like to deal with those who are holding ancestral properties, especially in rural India, as legal ownership would be not easy to establish. But those living in flats, will have usually purchased them by availing of housing loans and should be targeted by those dealing in reverse mortgages.

Anthony Henriques