Sri Lankan politics

This refers to the editorial ‘Political shift in Lanka’ (November 18). The return of the Rajapaksas to power in Sri Lanka will have a myriad impact on the politics and economy of the country. If Mahinda Rajapaksa becomes the Prime Minister it will be difficult days ahead for Lankan Tamils and Muslims. It will be good if he and his brother, President Gotapaya Rajapaksa, stop their antagonistic attitude towards Tamils and concentrate on revival of the Lankan economy.

NR Nagarajan


Chinese interest in Lanka

The shift in political power in Sri Lanka is quite significant for India too, especially in the context of protecting the interests of the Tamil population there. Also, Sri Lanka’s slant towards China, considering the latter’s growing interest in the region, is a matter of some concern. From now on, India will need pay close attention to developments in the island nation.

TR Anandan


IBC regime

This refers to the recent move by the Centre to bring personal guarantors of corporate debtors under the IBC regime from December 1. This is great news for banks which are finding it difficult to recover the huge NPAs (non-performing assets) accumulated in their books. Even after filing an insolvency petition before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and after implementation of the bankruptcy code, banks are finding it difficult to recover their dues due to legal hurdles.

The latest news, along with the Supreme Court quashing the NCLAT order in the Essar Steel case and providing succour to struggling secured financial creditors, should bring cheer to the banking community. The only setback in the recovery process under IBC relates to the Supreme Court striking down the word mandatorily from the 330 days prescribed by the IBC. Nevertheless, the recent positive developments should drastically bring down the number of applications being filed by promoters and related parties to delay the recovery process.

Srinivasan Velamur


Maharashtra in disarray

This is with reference to the news report ‘NCP, Shiv Sena, Cong iron out government formation strategy’ (November 18). The politicians/leaders of Maharashtra, in their scramble for power, have thrown governance and welfare of the State to the winds. The State is facing problems like farm distress, unseasonal rains/floods and unemployment, to name a few. However instead of finding solutions to these problems, the leaders are fighting for power.

The various political parties should realise that henceforth they are answerable to a smarter and younger generation of voters who cannot be fooled with empty one-time, money-generating schemes, loan waivers and hollow speeches. The voter has become smarter and cannot be taken for granted. The voters will demand good infrastructure, jobs, and investment in health and education.

The political parties involved should realise that the people are watching the developments and will express their disppointments in the next Assembly elections. The various political parties should settle their differences and offer good governance with focus on employment, infrastructure and farm distress.

Veena Shenoy


Unsafe water

The public disclosure of water-sample tests should be seen as an attempt by the Central authorities to promote transparency among state agencies. There is a rising need to sensitise stakeholders about people’s fundamental right to get clean and safe drinking water — and the issue mustn't be politicised.

One has already witnessed numerous exhortations by the apex court to brainstorm and follow-up on a chronic problem — the air quality in the NCR region. Despite that and penal regulations to curb stubble-burning activities, the problem persists due to the need for greater collaboration among state authorities.

Civic agencies responsible for control of air/water pollution must focus on long-term solutions based on a preventive approach.

Girish Lalwani

New Delhi

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