Having strayed into the mundane world of business journalism, the misfit gets a high from politics, cinema, theatre and street food, especially in the bylanes of Old Delhi.

Aditi Nigam

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Education vs HRD

​The nomenclature ​has changed but has it made a difference big enough to change things? »

Of corporates and newsrooms​

​Working on the news desk of a business newspaper was always staid before ​the ​economic reforms kicked in during the early nineties. The daily routine before that used to be to ​edit copies, some wi... »

Sticking out like a thorn

Thanks to Arvind Kejriwal’s dharna at Rail Bhavan and the Centre’s order to close down Metro stations in the area, I was forced to walk over a kilometre to reach office. On the way, I decided to t... »

Uncle Sam’s misplaced anger

The US of A’s indignation over an Indian diplomat ‘violating’ the country’s labour norms is touching, to say the least. How one wished the world’s greatest superpower looked a wee bit inward and deal... »

Cycle of despair

In June this year, athlete and national cycling coach, Ruma Chattopadhyay, was mowed down by a speeding car while she was riding a bike, training young cyclists for an upcoming championship in Greate... »

The Kindness of Strangers

It was a new low in Indian politics when in times of natural calamity, some leaders first thought of saving people from their own State »

Khamosh Paani!

Since the past two months our lives have undergone a sea, rather, a water change, if one may say so. We have found a purpose in life – we get up at the crack of dawn and wait for some stirrings of l... »

Blood Garments!

So far, one had heard about ‘blood diamonds’ mined in Africa. Now, Asia is emerging as the hub for branded ‘blood garments’, made in Bangladesh and Pakistan. At last count, over 540 workers in Ban... »

Teachers or instructors?

Is biometric attendance for professions such as academics a good idea? »

A job half done

Corporate social responsibility or CSR works almost like a cleansing agent for big companies – they get a feeling of being chastened, a bit like after feeding the poor outside temples or dargahs or c... »

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