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Aesha Datta

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Dilwalon ki Dilli

Little things can sometimes change your mind and give you a kind of clarity you didn’t expect. Well. May be not little things. Umm…a road accident that could have potentially been fatal may not co... »

Pran: The 'Life' of Hindi Cinema

“Sherkhan khud aaya tha, khud chala jayega.” And so he did. Pran Kishan Sikand, the gentleman villian, is no more. He epitomised villainous characters without making them inhuman. Who else could add l... »

Grand Slam on Inverdale

My faith in humanity’s intelligence took a huge beating on Saturday. While a very senior journalist (sports commentator), incidentally male, from the holy cow BBC decided it was pertinent to note t... »

False Pride and Prejudice

Mallika Sherawat called a spade a spade when she said India is regressive for women. So, then, what elicited such jingoistic fervour among people like Priyanka Chopra and others? »

Blood-stained democracy

The attack on Salwa Judum founder, Mahendra Karma, was only a question of when and not if. »

Fair wear?

I smoke and I drink. And, yes, I like fattening no-good junk food. Bad things, right? Well, my argument about these has mostly been that my actions harm me much more than others. I am no... »

Candles in the wind

The cruel rape of a toddler, a five-year-old child, has chilled the power-centre, Delhi, once more. But, beside the chilling similarity with the December 16 rape case there are other things that disturbs the mind. »

A lesser pain?

Two nations were wracked by bombings on Monday. People lost lives in both nations. Yet, one got more sympathetic attention from us, while the other was ignored. Are human lives worth more in one place than another? »


About a year from now we were made familiar with three little children — Bindo, Pushto and Nando. These three very happy and cherubic, though obviously poor (their economic status was essential) c... »

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