Research Analyst, with a mandate to cover real estate, but often strays into imaginary castles in the air. Women and finance is another of my interests, being a woman and all. I believe in rebirth and evolution into a higher life form (ala journalist).

Meera Siva

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Work from hill station

The war of words between politicians invariably never brings up any food for thought. The recent exception was the argument regarding Jayalalithaa’s absence from Chennai. This brings up an important ... »

Freedom from choice

Come Independence Day, there are always heated debates and discussions on the state of our freedom. However, the freedom I personally want is not that of more choices, but the one from choices. B... »

What's cooking

On a random Wednesday night, while passing-by an eatery near my house, I find it swarming with people. Not just this place, fast food outlets, pizza points, bakeries, creameries, restaurants big and ... »

Switch off

India is the world’s second largest mobile phone market in terms of subscribers, with a total of around 86 crore mobile connections. Even while sound bits on 2G scam is quietening, and even as mobile... »

One for the road

A government that fails to protect its citizens from harm is a failure. But to actually promote something that is proven to be harmful is callous. And Tamil Nadu state sponsored liquor shops are a pr... »

Book keeping

A school girl with her school bag drooping down heavily, hesitatingly looked at me seated in the bus. I offered to keep her bag and soon 20 kgs landed on my lap! It made me wonder about the burdens w... »

Rain and the city

Chennai is not a city that is admired by many. Its many quirks only irks its citizens and visitors. And when it rains, even its ardent fans get annoyed. Dirt road We are only talking about the ... »

Age old issue

Growing old is inevitable, but treating the aged with compassion and dignity has been considered optional. While we revere our elders in public and keep them in lofty posts, millions of old people qu... »

Oh well

Daily life was paralysed last month at my residence, as our well was, shall I say, not well. The water had a foul smell and no amount of tank cleaning did the trick and all signs pointed to some mix-... »

Bashing the birthday bashes

The birthday is without doubt the most important day in a year for every person. And their child’s birthday is even more special to parents as they cherish the birth and want to celebrate the special... »

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