A scribe by sheer accident, Stanly Johny is a PhD in international relations from JNU, and keeps an eye wide open for politics, and the other for almost everything else under the sun.

Stanly Johny

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Iraq: A tragedy foretold

The state George W Bush "liberated" is fighting its greatest post-Saddam crisis as Islamic militants are steadily improving their gains while marching on towards Baghdad »

Does Advani have a Plan B?

The Modi-Rajnath-Jaitley triumvirate's move to consolidate power within the party has not gone down well with the old guards, who remain apprehensive about Modi. Will the revolt within the BJP gain strength post-polls? »

Who will bell the Kremlin?

Despite the rhetoric, the EU finds it difficult to impose tough sanctions on Russia, while Moscow appears determined to continue its intervention in Ukraine »

The trilateral puzzle

Is joining issue with Japan in its territorial disputes with China, which is India’s bigger neighbour, a wise strategic move for New Delhi? »

Has the Congress already given up?

Explaining her decision not to name Rahul Gandhi as the prime ministerial candidate of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi told the core committee on January 16 that the party doesn’t have a tradition of nami... »

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