Bird in the bush: The leaf-warbler is highly active in the forest canopy, making identification in the field difficult. - Photo: Pankaj Gupta

Common warblers in a royal tiger’s lair

Why spend time in a tiger reserve studying a tiny, nondescript bird?
Are warblers less important than tigers? Now what kind of a stupid question is that? Everyone knows that tigers are more important, being... »
Speed dating: An aerial view of Silverstone circuit during Grand Prix shows the number of camps set up by enthusiasts. Photo: Shutterstock

Mind over motor

Adrenaline rush takes a new dimension at Silverstone motor racing circuit, home of the prestigious British Grand Prix
Zip! Vroom! Brrrrrm! Wyaaaow! And the ride was over. My nerves were all over the place, not to mention every rattling bone. The thrill of being ta... »
Inner circle: A chanting session is like a vacation for the soul. Photo: Shutterstock

Baggage drop

Feeling lighter comes easy after a chance encounter with the spiritual
Ever since I have known her, almost a decade now, this dear neighbour has been visiting some quaint little place close by. I would see her often i... »
Twins apart: Nirmala & Normala is finally all about finding love
cub reads

Life’s like this

Books for young readers that put a spin on a typical Bollywood plot and on issues of the day
What is one of Bollywood’s favourite movie plots? Think Ram aur Shyam, Seeta aur Geeta, Chaalbaaz... Twins separated at birth;... »
Cooking made easy: Biomass stoves manufactured by Greenway have a patent-pending air induction mechanism to ensure complete combustion. Courtesy: Greenway

Kindling the biomass flame

New-age companies across the country are investing in scientifically designed stoves that reduce smoke, save fuel and cut cooking time
During the recession in 2008, Nashik-based metal fabrication firm Swami Samarth Enterprises found itself in the doldrums. Its order book shrank wit... »

Getting mushy

Mango season brings many joys to the foodie, but few or none come close to the adulation enjoyed by honey-sweet aamras served with hot puris
It certainly seems like much ado over a smashed and squelched fruit. But don’t let aamras lovers ever hear you say that. After all, in India the m... »

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