the compass chronicles

Infinity versus Ramchundra

Nary a beacon of light illuminates the history of Indian science under British colonial rule. A dark gulf stretches for the 150 years between Maha... »
An 1825 painting of an eye surgeon, which is part of the ‘Trades and Occupations of India’ series commissioned by Colonel James Skinner in Delhi.

Healing ways and byways

Sar jo tera chakraye, ya dil dooba jaye... (When my head spins, does my heart sink...) sang the comedian Johnny Walker in the 1957 film P... »
First class: The Paro Valley school where Michael Rutland taught a small group of children, including the then Crown Prince of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck Omair Ahmad
undiscovered country

The Physics teacher

The story of one man and many civilisations. Of China and Britain, Oman and Bhutan
Over the last few weeks there have been numerous articles in the press about Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the slow transition to democracy in Oman. »
A 19th century Ragaputra Deshakh

Coming out of the shadows

An exhibition of paintings and artefacts that shine a light on the cosmopolitan nature and fine aesthetics of the Deccan
It looks like a pretty enough vase. You might stop by briefly to admire the silver bidri work before walking on. But under the guidance of art hist... »
A fleeting affair Are the droves of PE-funded radio cabs all they are cracked up to be? Photo: Ramesh Sharma

The taxing taxi trip

While the world has long switched loyalties to radio taxi services, your app-unfriendly columnist has still not succumbed to the temptation of cabs... »
Awe and majesty: Stephen Alter writes, ‘A climber’s hands can feel the rocks long before he touches the mountain’. Photo: K. R. Deepak

Sleeping upon a mountain

A poetic and exceptional account of the explorations and essence of the Himalayas
Stephen Alter’s Becoming a Mountain is an extraordinary travelogue. Carefully chosen words strung together in simple prose resurrect memori... »

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