Quite a pile: Nobody does waffles and pancakes and brightly-lit diners like the Americans

Pancake envy

When Bertie Wooster tackles “toothsome eggs and bacon which Jeeves had given of his plenty” or Nero Wolfe starts his day with a strawberry omelette, I feel a stab of jealousy
In general, I’m content with my lot. There are, however, moments of grouchy dissatisfaction — often triggered when fictional characters around me... »
August company: Deepika Padukone seemed a tad out of her league with Catherine Deneuve at the Mumbai Film Festival. Photo: PTI

Staying alive

While the Mumbai Film Festival’s future looks rocky, it continues to make cinema the true hero
There was still an hour to go for the screening of Richard Linklater’s highly anticipated Boyhood, but the endless queue of enthusiastic film buff... »
When girls rise: The girls have no toilets, drinking water or a steady supply of books and teachers. Photo: Radhika Ganesh

Fight the good fight

Seven hundred girl students in a small town in Rajasthan choose civil disobedience to demand more teachers at their school
In schools across the country, on October 2, crisp white uniforms and perfectly polished shoes are in order. Students stand through mandatory flag... »
Sarita Devi broke down in tears during the ceremony and refused to wear the medal she was presented with in protest against what her camp called

The prizefighter

She may have lost the gold at Incheon, but Sarita Devi continues to fight not just to make a living but also expose the inconsistencies in boxing’s scoring system
Her punches may not have been in the same league as Mary Kom’s. But with every blow she landed on her Korean opponent, Laishram Sarita Devi’s spiri... »
The flock: Twitter doesn’t reveal country-specific data, but its total monthly active users (MAU) in the June 2014 quarter was 271 million. Reuters/ Kacper Pempel

India on a birdsong

In Bangalore’s Koramangala fourth block area, a group of people are greatly interested in what everyone else is tweeting. They have developed a so... »
League of legends: The chairperson of Football Sports Development, Nita
Ambani, flanked by footballing superstars, unveils the Indian Super League (ISL)
trophy in Mumbai.

Guts, glory and glamour

The players bask in national attention, and the sponsors and team owners are pleased but will the mushrooming private leagues help Indian sports grow?
In a country that loves to play cricket in every available space — parks, streets and fields — sports merchants are increasingly peddl... »

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