Old streets, new ways: Cycle tours are just as popular as walks around the city

All in a day’s walk

In five years, a Mysore-based company has changed the way tourists (and locals) see the royal city and its timeless lanes
The 10-day Dasara celebration in Mysore culminates in a torchlight parade, at the end of which the skies erupt in a spectacular show of fireworks. »
Central park: The Mehrangarh Fort rises behind Darra Khan, Shakur Khan and Kachra Khan Manganiyar as they perform at midnight in the Rao Jodha Park

Searching for a new folk

Jodhpur RIFF suggests some positive alternatives for how folk might be understood today
Folk is a strange term. The range of music that can be called folk is so vast that, perhaps, it is best understood by what it is not: not classica... »

Waiting for Ebola

Fear can travel electronically; that could be a good thing
The other day I had a very pleasant lunch with someone I was meeting for the first time, in her home. I’ll call her Jan. She and her husband James... »
Students from Jadavpur University (JU) and other colleges in Kolkata protest police action at JU. Photo: PTI

Let there be noise

The proliferation of sexual violence in West Bengal has been worsened by the supercilious attitude of its leader and institutional forgetting
Revelry aside, the puja pandals which dotted West Bengal in early October were also an occasion for philosophical extrapolation. Watching Durga sl... »
Sarita Devi broke down in tears during the ceremony and refused to wear the medal she was presented with in protest against what her camp called

The prizefighter

She may have lost the gold at Incheon, but Sarita Devi continues to fight not just to make a living but also expose the inconsistencies in boxing’s scoring system
Her punches may not have been in the same league as Mary Kom’s. But with every blow she landed on her Korean opponent, Laishram Sarita Devi’s spiri... »
Akash Vaid and his trusty bike. -- Sibi Arasu

Gifts on wheels

With Diwali around the corner, we trail the busiest person this season — the e-commerce delivery person whizzing about town
Akash Vaid is already halfway through his workday when I meet him outside the “Bikanervala near the metro station,” as he had specified. A delivery... »

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