Something for everybody Sarah
Waters has made a
career out of
unearthing facts in
unusual places.
-- Charlie Hopkinson

What if the lovers were female?

Author Sarah Waters on the untidiness of reality and writing frankly about sex
How do you find lesbians in 19th-century London? For her first book Tipping the Velvet, three-time Man Booker Prize nominee Sarah Waters we... »
Surf’s up: Mumu and (right) Santhosh are fishermen who have been trained to
handcraft surfboards in Mamallapuram. -- Aine Edwards

Making waves

Mamallapuram, near Chennai, is a surfer’s delight and home to one of the few stores in the world that sell handmade surfboards
Othavadai Street in Mamallapuram (also famous as Mahabalipuram) is typical of any tourist destination, lined with hotels, restaurants and countles... »
Cultural mobility: The busy, Baroque-style Komsomolskaya metro station in Moscow

Behind the irony curtain

Moscow is incomprehensible in a manner so endearing, it makes you question everything you think you know about the world
I landed in Moscow to thunderous applause. The flydubai flight (yes, it is an airline, not an advertisement to fly to Dubai, as I long... »
Emptiness: For author Michel Faber, the death of his wife meant the death of novel writing. -- Shutterstock
on the shelf

The saddest book

A story of separation, of grief, of the different journeys of the living and the lost
The Book of Strange New Things is well titled. What things? you may ask. How new? What do you mean ‘strange’? Answering any such question a... »
Decoder: Simon Singh watched hours and hours of The Simpsons to unearth its many mathematical secrets. -- K Murali Kumar

Personal experience can mislead us

Scientist and mathematician, author and journalist Simon Singh on why he can’t tolerate fools and the importance of evidence
Simon Singh is immediately recognisable in a crowd — his dramatic haircut riffs on a Mohawk and his oval, gold-rimmed glasses glint in the light. »
River as the conductor ‘An Indian Mosque on the Hooghly River near Calcutta’ (1846) by Auguste Borget. Wikicommons
The Compass Chronicles

Telegraphic tales from the Raj

An incident involving telegraphs presaged over a century ago the phenomenon of electronic hacking and algorithmic trading in the stock markets
With the invention of the telegraph, information could travel faster than any mode of transport. This would transform the nature of administration... »

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