Collateral damage: Spraying pesticide on a paddy field near Thrissur, perhaps killing useful insects too. KK Mustafah
a butterfly breeze from MP

The bee all and end all

What is the connection between our lack of salad and cyclone damage? To what degree are animal-mediated pollination and climate change interlinked?
With the monsoon over and cooler weather around the corner, tourist season begins in Madhya Pradesh. The rains were not so plentiful this year, an... »
A day at the zoo in the 1930s.

Mazel tov again

‘Recalling Jewish Calcutta’ uses photos, videos, recipes and documents to tell the story of a community whose strength has dwindled from 4,000 in the 1940s to two dozen today
In the video gallery of a recently digitised archive, ‘Recalling Jewish Calcutta’, Aaron Harazi recounts his days as a student, clerk and business... »
A college student participating in a cleanliness drive at Dadar Beach after the launch of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' in Mumbai. Photo: PTI

More than brooms

Sure, the government needs public-private partnerships for its cleanliness drive. But given the historical inequities in the sanitation sector, it also needs to provide regulation
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat mission has captured the national imagination. Financial advisors are betting on the stocks of cerami... »
At arm’s length: Nitin Gadkari (left) and Devendra Fadnavis (centre) at a Vijay
Dashami function at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur last month. PTI

Obediently yours

Maharashtra’s new chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis’s political career has been in the making for 23 years
If Devendra Fadnavis had not joined politics, he could have become head of the department in a law college, or general manager in some multination... »
In their jeans Sanjay Lalbhai, chairman and MD of Arvind Ltd, with sons Punit and Kulin

Clothing well-to-do India

From a swadeshi mill to global denim-maker, Arvind has constantly reinvented itself. Its next big opportunity is the country’s high-earning millennials who love to dress in big brands
In the late ’70s, when power looms began to expand rapidly in Ahmedabad, the worried owners of 74 composite textile mills met a young man who had... »
Shadows speak Jules Janssen captures the transit of Venus in Nagasaki, Japan (1874)

Celestial cinema

The unexpected ways in which colonial astronomy gave birth to motion picture
King Mongkut of Siam, also known as Rama IV of what is now Thailand, accurately predicted the total solar eclipse of August 18, 1868 that passed t... »

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