Lo and behold: A 1728 chart of the East Indian Ocean from the Islands of Maldivy to Cambodia. Image:
The Compass Chronicles

Newton on the Ganges

Science has crowdsourced information for ages; Newton even tapped into the resources of the trusty sailors of the East India Company
The British Raj in India is of particular importance to the history of science because — writes David Arnold: “... the English East India Company... »
Cleansing: 'Walden' provides an encounter as refreshing as a summery dip in a pond. Photo: G Krishnaswamy

Living is so dear

When something is rotten in the state of the world, comfort can be found in unexpected places, such as the pages of books
Earlier in 2014, I began this book column with great hope. A piece on literature and borders — rather, literature that questions and dismantles ge... »
So I sat, as the mist rolled in and out, and read my book

Alone, not lonely

In order to acquaint me with myself, I headed up the hills to Mukteshwar, far away from life
Last weekend, for the first time in my life, I went for a holiday by myself. The whole exercise began when a friend and I decided to head out for... »
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has maintained a disquieting silence even as strident voices of intolerance swirl around his government.

No right to remain silent

It is time Modi told publicity-hungry colleagues to toe the line for his own credibility
Before the just-concluded general elections, many in the media as well as in social and business circles saw it as a three-way contest between the... »
Joint ventures: The CWG in Glasgow, Scotland, hopes to generate advertising
and tourism revenues for the host and new business opportunities among the
participating countries

Game for profit

Global sporting events are increasingly turning venues for investment and trade promotion
The action on sporting fields is now spilling over into the backrooms as well. Global sporting events — be it the recently concluded football worl... »
Prominent attractions: The golden dome of Al-Andalus watches over the town. Photo: Shutterstock/Sergei A Aleshin

At the edge of the world

The Spanish town of Cádiz was once an outpost, a fort, a port, a cosmopolis, a refuge, and now, has the personality of a small town. It is so much, and so intimate
It is midnight on a Monday in Cádiz, and I am standing among hundreds in a plaza overlooking la Caleta beach as fireworks fan out over the Atlanti... »

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