April 18, 2014

Pension for a paisa

In theory, low costs are desirable in the money management business, because a penny saved is a penny that can be distributed to investors. But Reliance Capital’s recent offer of a one basis point... »


April 18, 2014

The real problem with Manmohan

So, we have two books out in the market talking about the Prime Minister being the weakest we’ve ever had — one by his former media advisor, Sanjaya Baru, and the other by a former secretary to th... »


April 17, 2014

The high-speed trains are coming

Fast-track approach: High-speed rail will reduce our fuel bill and road congestion OLEKSIY MARK / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

The recent visit to China by a high-powered delegation could soon turn Indian Railways’ ‘high speed’ dreams into reality. The delegation, under the leadership of Montek Singh Ahluwalia,... »


April 17, 2014

BusinessLine Twenty Years Ago - Today

DCA tightens monitoringBolstered by its recent successes against Derring managements, the Department of Company Affairs (DCA) has written to all its regional directors to personally moni... »


April 18, 2014

An anti-environment political discourse

If only the political parties could understand this

Going by a quick reading of election manifestos, the three parties competing for seats across most of India are all committed to harmonising development and environment considerations, ensuring... »


April 17, 2014

FMCG companies on advertising splurge

What do fast-moving consumer companies do when faced with stingy consumers? Bombard them with more advertisements for products they’re missing out on. Advertising expenditure for FMCG companies was... »


April 17, 2014

BL two-way crossword 62

BL two-way crossword 62 ... »



Why not a ‘Post Bank of India’?

Using the massive India Post network for banking services would give a big push to financial inclusion »


The rise of the far right

Rising anti-Semitism and anti-immigrant sentiment are emerging as a threat to the European Union idea »


Sunny days ahead?

Policy gridlocked: More than a decade after the Electricity Act, nothing's
improved MARCELCLEMENS/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM To get there, the power sector should be freed from power politics »


The RBI should look beyond short term

Not much has moved on the macroeconomic front and, hence, the next policy review should focus on long-term goals »


April 18, 2014

High-speed trains

While “High-speed trains are coming” (April 18) talks of interesting projects, the planners would do well to keep in mind the debate raging in Britain on the advisability of going ahead wi... »
April 16, 2014

Improve data collection

The editorial ‘Data distortions’ (April 16) deserves serious attention from statisticians, administrators, surveyors and policy-makers at all levels in think-tanks, State and Central Gover... »
April 14, 2014

Taxing times for auditors

In connection with “Auditors feel the heat: Special meeting convened to discuss new tax rules” (April 10), it is obvious that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is following the policy of divide an... »
April 10, 2014

Fine balance

With reference to “Procurement challenge in public services” by TV Somanathan (April 10), while purchasing goods and services for personal use we arrive at a fine balance between quality a... »
April 8, 2014

Promises not to keep

This is with reference to your editorial, “A bit of this and a bit of that” (April 8). In fact, the BJP’s manifesto has been reduced to a political ritual, which every party has to perform... »
April 17, 2014

Mom and pop stores

This refers to the article “That retail FDI bogey again”(April 17). The BJP is just playing politics on this issue. Once it is in power it will concede and allow FDI in retail. India has... »
April 15, 2014

Impetus to PPP

This is with reference to the editorial “The next infra boom” (April 15). Indeed, at a time when the country is suffering from a huge shortage of investments in infrastructure, the PPP rou... »
April 11, 2014

Come clean

Columns prescribed for age, sex and marital status in an official form are usually filled in faithfully and sworn to be true. Anyone giving false or misleading information about... »
April 9, 2014

Taming Mamata

Conducting the election with an 800 million-strong electorate is a mammoth exercise that requires the full co-operation of all political parties. If holding a “free and fair” poll is of pa... »
April 7, 2014

Fooling the voters

The analysis by Narendar Pani (“Defective vision crashing the parties”, April 7) is interesting. Very few MPs and parties mean what they say. They only want to impress and fool the voters;... »

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