January 23, 2017

Letter and spirit

Transparency is the cornerstone of a robust democracy. The Government should lead by example in embracing the RTI Act »


January 23, 2017

Is Indian banking losing its balance?

Through the looking glass An uncertain future for India’s public sector banks

RK Pattnaik, Jagdish Rattanani

Away from the immediate concerns on growth and currency management in the light of the recent demonetisation drive, a recently released report by the Reserve Bank of India points to some deeper conc... »


January 23, 2017

No need to relax fiscal targets

Fitting well Into the larger deficit plan

Radhika Rao

Tax revenues will help tide over deficit concerns the next fiscal. India’s stable macros will help in its international ratings »


January 22, 2017

Retired, unhurt


Give more tax incentives for pension products »


January 23, 2017

GST hurdles

Mohan R Lavi

Needless wrangling over ‘dual control’ »


January 22, 2017


DIPANKAR BHATTACHARYA looks at people and professions


January 20, 2017

Germany set for continuity

A good script Merkel has played her part consistently well


The illiberal wave that has swept across the world is unlikely to fell Angela Merkel »


Narendar Pani


When institutions are put on the mat

A people’s spontaneous movement: What does that do to governance? - Photo: B Jothi Ramalingam Popular protests such as the one against banning jallikattu reflect a collapse of trust and faith in all arms of the state »

Sandhya Rao


Jallikattu pride and all that

The protests in Tamil Nadu have thrown up some positives »

Our Bureaus


Fusion on wheels

Guests at the inaugural function of India Rubber Expo 2017, held last week, were treated to a rathe... »

Richa Mishra

The politics of Budget + Poll

CEC Nasim Zaidi The EC must take the call, and dispel the legal ambiguity »


January 23, 2017

Troubling tracks

Train mishaps can’t be attributed to the driver alone. It could be due to a systemic failure in adhering to the safety standards or lack of proper systems. The rail network needs sophisticated metho... »
January 18, 2017

Ethical decisions

‘Why do stents cost so much?’ by Jyothi Datta (January 18) is revealing. Such products are essential items for all, irrespective of the capacity to pay. This is being exploited by agencies in the val... »
January 16, 2017

Battle for UP

All eyes are now ron the electoral battle in UP as it will decide the course of national politics. Like it or not, the election will be viewed as a referendum on demonetisation. The BJP will spare no... »
January 12, 2017

Bank on them

This is with reference to ‘Stop transferring bank employees’ by Raj Kamal Rao (January 12). A happy and satisfied employee is an asset to an organisation. Reckless transfers without considering the ... »
January 10, 2017

Depends on implementation

This is with reference to ‘A different paradigm for CSR’ by Vinita Bali (January 10). If implemented in the right spirit CSR can work wonders, but the company must choose a leader who has expertise ... »
January 20, 2017

The jallikattu uprising

It is unfortunate that the very same people who respected the Supreme Court's verdict on the Cauvery river dispute are now going against the apex court because the former verdict favoured them and th... »
January 17, 2017

Revoke the ban

The high-handedness of the State police, which unleashed force on peaceful protestors supporting jallikattu in Alanganallur, is reprehensible. This is a spontaneous popular protest against the ban o... »
January 13, 2017

Ready to move

This is with reference to “Stop transferring bank employees” by by Rajkamal Rao (January 12). While his points seem noble, I do not subscribe fully to his views. If his plea to retain the bank employ... »
January 11, 2017

Demonetisation optics

Basically, the BJP has failed to realise its dream of nabbing black money hoarders (Demonetisation: reality and optics by A Srinivas, January 11). The intent was to bring easy revenue to be spent on... »
January 9, 2017

Total lack of planning

According to news reports, petroleum dealers across the country will not accept card payments as banks are charging them for the same. The Government took the drastic step of demonetising to put the... »

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