April 28, 2017

Sour honeymoon

The first 100 days of the Trump presidency have been singularly disappointing, in both geopolitical and economic terms »


April 27, 2017

Always in a crucible


When will our lab ladies get a life? »


April 27, 2017

Decoding India’s rigged realty market

Under a cloud India’s realty sector

Ritesh Kumar Singh

Defying economic logic, realty prices are not falling as expected despite slow demand. Here’s an explainer »


April 26, 2017

Business Line Twenty Years Ago Today

Uniform drug pricing system under studyThe Centre is likely to introduce a uniform system of selling formulations both in and out of price control by modifying the existing Drug (Price Control) Order,... »


April 27, 2017

Quick detection of TB is top priority

Spread the word For better health

Dalbir Singh, Arvind Lal

Reducing import duties on diagnostic equipment will go a long way in also making tests more affordable »


April 27, 2017

Business Line Twenty Years Ago Today

Finance Ministry for two-track approachThe Finance Ministry is thinking of adopting a two-pronged approach towards restructuring the seven associate banks of the SBI, by which a few of them would be c... »


April 26, 2017

The line has changed

Srividhya Ragavan

IMF and WB relent to poor nation’s economics »




Two cheers for a Macron presidency

Topsy-turvy That’s French politics today It would bring relief rather than celebration. France is a deeply polarised nation, unsure of itself and its place in the world »

Prince Mathews Thomas

Let’s talk to the Kashmiris

What explains the Government’s crackdown on the Valley? »


Waiter, there’s a tab in my soup!

Well, at least it isn’t a fly.That may well be, but I find it hard to stomach add-ons of any kind. A... »



A strong rupee is not bad news

While exports have grown despite a rising currency, a spurt in imports is not a given »


April 28, 2017

Well done, rupee!

This refers to ‘A strong rupee is not bad news’ by Aarati Krishnan (April 28). It is indeed a surprise that rupee not only held its position but also strengthened itself. Though it seems overvalued ... »
April 26, 2017

Make change happen

The PM’s message to the bureaucracy to reform, perform and transform to be an agency for a change is good to hear. These initiatives should be supported by fine examples from the top. We have seen ne... »
April 21, 2017

Eco-friendly products

Today, April 22, we celebrate the World Earth Day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In spite of the fact that constant research and innovation enable us to produce various new, in... »
April 19, 2017

Speaking up

The RBI governor’s apprehensions with regard to loan waivers and such other critical issues are a good sign. Massive loan waivers will severely impact the recovery process of banks. Mounting NPAs, me... »
April 17, 2017

Danger of ruin

This refers to ‘Forex debt deserves more attention’ by TB Kapali (April 17). With the global economic scenario becoming uncertain due to policy changes in US Fed rates, impact of Brexit, movement of... »
April 27, 2017

Banking blues

The distorted presentation on the performance of PSBs is a concerted effort to dismantle the public sector. SBI’s research has revealed the figures only for the current financial year. When the NPA ... »
April 24, 2017

Farmers’ stir

The suspension of the 41-day protest by farmers from Tamil Nadu at Jantar Mantar is a statement about their plight. The assurance by Tamil Nadu chief minister E Palaniswami that he will do his best ... »
April 20, 2017

Create jobs

Serious and joint steps are required to create more jobs in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Tamil Nadu is crying for attention on various fronts especially because of administrative failur... »
April 18, 2017

Left high and dry

The finance minister has granted 8.65 per cent interest of EPF this year, benefiting more than 4 crore people. However, it is sad that there’s no one to come to the rescue of senior citizens, who con... »
April 14, 2017

Long-term gap

This refers to ‘The money’s here, not the opportunities’ by Aarati Krishnan (April 14). It is true that more investors are opting to invest in the stock market directly or through mutual funds. It i... »

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