February 24, 2017

Wake up call

The expensive course corrections at e-commerce firms have wider consequences for the economy »


February 24, 2017

Some questions for our own fat cat CEOs

There’s another India Those perched on top should not forget. - Vijay Bate

Arun Maira

Little girls playing soccer are wont to chase the ball in a herd. Their coach cannot persuade some of them to stay behind to protect their own goal should the tide of the game turn against them. For ... »


February 23, 2017

Courting justice for the right to education

School is their right Let’s make sure they get that whatever it takes

Akriti Gaur

Implementation of RTE Act has suffered due to official apathy. The judiciary has stepped into a governance vacuum »


February 23, 2017

Governments must be held to account

Flying high: Those on the ground cannot know what’s going on

Sachin Dhawan, John Sebastian

Reviving pre-legislative scrutiny will produce laws that better reflect the will of the people »


February 23, 2017

A steely transition

TV Narendran

How the steel industry’s going green »


February 23, 2017

When leadership falls apart

M. Ramesh

In Tamil Nadu’s unique brand of politics, the leader was unquestioned and development was given top billing. No longer »


February 22, 2017

Friends in need

MV Nair

How credit bureaus can help banks check NPAs »


Ashwini Phadnis

Elections: High on cash and drugs

Much of what sloshes around is not accounted for »


Jihadis in Pakistan are fast losing friends

The recent attack on a sufi shrine in northern Sind has taken the shine off terrorists in India’s neighbourhood »


There is a famine in South Sudan you should know about

South Sudan? With all due respect, you never tell us about such places and what’s happening there...... »



Fix the chinks in sharing economy

Wrong signals For ride aggregators in the country


As labour woes strike the peer economy, we will see community management gain in prominence »


February 24, 2017

IT is growing

This is with reference to the editorial “Ground zero”(February 24). Indian IT needs to be confident and stay cool in these uncertain times. We have the largest pool of skilled human resources in IT,... »
February 22, 2017

Interest’s fair

This refers to ‘There’s no banking without interest’ by Mohamed Ashrafulla (February 22). Interest is nothing but cost of money or funds. If charges for services rendered can be paid as wages and if ... »
February 20, 2017

Enriching defaulters

This is with reference to the editorial, ‘Devil in the detail’ (February 20). The sale of assets to ARCs has been a grey area , since haircuts up to 40 per cent of asset values were allowed and defa... »
February 16, 2017

Big hoax

This refers to ‘No jobs, no skills: What a sorry state’ by Rajani Sinha and Nitika Bawa (February 16). No doubt skill development of is one way of creating jobs but the number of jobs available is a... »
February 14, 2017

Welcome judgement

It was a remarkable coincidence that the Supreme Court’s judgment convicting VK Sasikala came about at a time when she staked claim to power. The verdict could not have come at a more opportune momen... »
February 23, 2017

Too much manipulation

NPAs are growing and the issue is becoming increasingly critical. The performance and quality of banking officials has deteriorated, and the whole nation is influenced by a few selfish corporate hou... »
February 21, 2017

Better management

There is no evidence to show that periodic presentations on themes concerning crucial areas of management at various levels and the role of planning in skill development are factored in the process ... »
February 17, 2017

What awaits Palaniswami

The new chief minister of Tamil Nadu faces a host of pending issues. The agrarian crisis has been put on the back-burner for one reason or the other. We should also consider how the events of the la... »
February 15, 2017

Greed games

The greed for money and power, through arrogance and manipulation, landed VK Sasikala into deep trouble. Jayalalithaa escaped but the hard-working and intelligent Tamil people got a raw deal. A prog... »
February 13, 2017

What’s bad, what’s good

This refers to your edit, ‘A bankable idea’ (February 13). ‘Bad banks’ are a bad idea to tackle the NPA mess. Merely transferring the bad assets to a new entity will not make them performing assets.... »

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