July 29, 2014

Putting dole to work

A little-noticed proposal in this year’s Budget has been to convert the MGNREGA programme from a Central to a State Plan scheme. Although not finding explicit mention in Finance Minister Arun Jaitl... »


July 29, 2014

A drought of a different kind

The south-west monsoon’s behaviour this year has confounded everybody. Towards early April, meteorological agencies worldwide were almost unanimous in concluding that 2014 would be an El Nino year... »


July 29, 2014

Viral hepatitis is a silent killer

Viral hepatitis kills approximately half a million people every year in the 11 member states of WHO’s South-East Asia region. An estimated 100 million people are currently infected with... »


July 28, 2014


July 29, 1994 15% stake for Tatas in Tisco Shareholders of Tata Iron and Steel Company (Tisco) on Thursday unanimously approved a special resolution to raise the stake of Tata co... »


July 29, 2014

Money power in Indian elections

Just teasers The real spending happens elsewhere B JOTHI RAMALINGAM Two months ago, India conducted the largest democratic exercise in history. The 2014 General Election, enacted in nine phases over a five-week period, witnessed 553.8 million voters cast ballots to... »


July 29, 2014
BusinessLine Twenty Years Ago - Today

More powers for bank auditors

In an important move to get at any scam in the future, bank auditors have been given powers to directly interact with RBI on bank irregularities. In a recent circular to all banks, the RBI... »


July 28, 2014
All you wanted to know about

Payments Bank

How would it be if your neighbourhood supermarket or even your mobile phone doubled up as a bank? Well, that is precisely what the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is pushing for, in its efforts to get... »


Ashoak Upadhyay

Still smug about the high growth years?

Many shades Poverty is not just a number; its a general sense of bleakness
Drop the euphoria for a moment – a third of India is seriously poor. And urban poverty has risen sharply
The latest report on the number of poor Indians shows a third of the population living below the... »



The big fat Indian Budget

Another festival: With the ritual that goes with it RuthChoi /
It’s all about the FM single-handedly rescuing the economy, while everyone else enjoys tax breaks, finds a newbie journalist
Ashutosh, just out of journalism school, was raring to go on his first assignment at the Busin... »


Managing in tough times

In the same boat Both Murthy and Modi face leadership challenges PTI
It all boils down to leadership. The relationship between power and accountability is profoundly democratic
On the face of it, there is little in common between NR Narayana Murthy and Narendra Modi, apart... »


One regulator too many?

Puppet on a chain: Let's not reduce the RBI to that JESADAPHORN/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM
Raghuram Rajan is right in raising doubts about the need for a super-regulator in the financial sector
A week ago, Governor Raghuram Rajan delivered a speech in Mumbai, the theme of which was the Fina... »


July 29, 2014

No option

With reference to the editorial, “The hope from asset sales” (July 30), one of the major reasons for the alarming situation now is that most of the corporate sector has lost its pricing po... »
July 25, 2014

Gross negligence

The bus-train collision near Medak district is shocking. It is unfortunate that the driver was listening to music on his earphones when the tragedy occurred. The driver who was covering fo... »
July 23, 2014

The defence FDI myth

As a retired naval electrical officer I am surprised at your endorsement of 100 per cent FDI in defence manufacturing subject to some conditions (“Pseudo-swadeshi defence”, July 22). It is... »
July 21, 2014

Catastrophe in Gaza

As of now, there is no sign of a let-up in Israel’s blistering attack on Gaza. In fact, Israel is intensifying the use of military force against the civilian population in the name of figh... »
July 17, 2014

Give farmers a leg up

This refers to the article, “Crumbs for the farmer” by Vishwanath Kulkarni (July 17). At present, farmers are desperately looking for assistance from the Government. They expect the Govern... »
July 28, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Who has the aptitude?

This refers to the protests against the aptitude test for the civil services prelims. The arguments for and against the CSAT paper are one-sided. Those who are for the test seem to think the UPSC... »
July 24, 2014

Don’t blame investors

With reference to your editorial, “Satyam, Sahara, SEBI” (July 24), the disgorgement orders passed by SEBI and the money eventually collected should be used to protect investors by educating them... »
July 22, 2014

Shocking stand

The Centre’s precarious position of not passing a resolution on the conflict between Israel and Palestine is understandable as it wants maintain good relations with both. But the Foreign M... »
July 18, 2014

Can we bank on them?

This refers to the report on the RBI issuing guidelines on payment banks and small banks (July 18). The RBI has prescribed a capital adequacy ratio of 15 per cent for payment banks. As the... »
July 16, 2014

Absurd pampering

Politicians are the most pampered lot in this nation. They enjoy more than the maharajas did, all at the cost of tax-payer. The latest example of this is the Karnataka government footing t... »

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