September 2, 2014

Wilful lenders

It is impossible to ignore the timing of United Bank of India’s declaration that Kingfisher Airlines, its chairman Vijay Mallya and three company directors are “wilful defaulters”. Why has it come... »


September 2, 2014

Can’t turn Varanasi into Kyoto

We are like this only Don't impose another pattern


The last few decades have seen those in charge of urban affairs in India seeking to transform cities in line with a particular foreign model. Bangalore was supposed to become a Singapore and Mumbai... »


September 2, 2014
BusinessLine Twenty Years Ago - Today

One pvt. operator in each circle, says Sukh Ram

The Union Government proposes to allow one private operator in each telecom circle in addition to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to run the basic telephone services. Ac... »


September 1, 2014

The myth of diesel price reform

A Srinivas

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s observation that the Centre must review its approach to pricing petrol and diesel (the latter in particular) in view of its inflationary impact deserves s... »


September 2, 2014

Why Moeen Ali can’t save Gaza

Unforeseen spin-off Moeen Ali was ordered to remove his protest wristbands

Desh Gaurav Sekhri

On a tour of England that remains high on the controversy scale, MS Dhoni, whose usual brand of politically correct diplomacy rivals his on-pitch aggressive strokeplay, stoked the embers of reb... »


September 2, 2014

China’s pain, India’s gain?

Great Smog of China Rising pollution worries MNCs


During the last few decades, India’s economic progress has been constantly measured vis-a-vis the ‘blitzkrieg-type’ growth in China. Questions such as “Do I really need to invest in India or is Ch... »


September 1, 2014

India can be more than a pharma hub

Get savvy Home remedies with a touch of technology ANDREI ZVEAGHINTEV /

Siraj Dhanani

Every year, over 12 lakh infants die within a year of being born in India, while more than 50,000 mothers die during or just after childbirth — statistics worse than that of Bangladesh or Nepal... »




Better safe than sorry

Watch it There could be a global crisis coming Mopic / RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan seems alert to uncertainties on account of growth, inflation and capital flows »



Time to bury the ownership issue

On the go: The great retail experiment. - GRN Somashekar The rise and rise of Flipkart holds some important lessons for our policymakers »


A new normal for inflation?

Inflation still hurts Has RBI become complacent? - A Roy Chowdhury Accepting high prices is not just a problem per se; it also complicates exchange rate management »

Ashoak Upadhyay

Still smug about the high growth years?

Many shades Poverty is not just a number; its a general sense of bleakness Drop the euphoria for a moment – a third of India is seriously poor. And urban poverty has risen sharply »


September 2, 2014

FCI clarifies

With reference to “Why FCI can’t assess its actual stock” (August 28) by Shyamal Gupta, Food Corporation of India writes: The statement that “FCI doesn’t know how much foodgrain stock exis... »
August 28, 2014

Peace carries a price

G Parthasarathy is absolutely correct that peace with Pakistan through dialogue in the present context is a fantasy (“Fantasising about peace with Pakistan”, August 28). Unless the cost of (non-pe... »
August 26, 2014

No time to rest

This is with reference to your editorial “BJP, interrupted” (August 26). The by-election results were not in favour of the BJP and the top-brass of the party needs to introspect as its Bih... »
August 24, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Time for change

Time for change With reference “What Ravi Shastri will never say” by A Srinivas (August 23), IPL has its pluses and minuses. The biggest plus is that it gives a real chance for making mon... »
August 21, 2014

He will be missed

With the sudden death of BKS Iyengar, an epoch has drawn to a close. Always the perfectionist, the yoga guru and scholar elevated the discipline to an art form. He was honoured with the Pa... »
September 1, 2014

Beyond SEBI

This is with reference to your editorial, “Beyond SEBI” (September 1). In the US, which has a highly powerful Securities Exchange Commission, Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi ballooned to $50 billio... »
August 27, 2014

Mostly welcome

This refers to your editorial “Coal Truths” (August 27). While we welcome the decision of the Supreme Court in deciding the coal block allocations as arbitrary and illegal, we hope the Court will... »
August 25, 2014

Repeal AFSPA

It is an enlightened opinion that a democratically elected government cannot claim or exercise arbitrary powers to commit acts that amount to gross violations of human rights and fail to s... »
August 22, 2014

Boo to boos

Close on the heels of Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan being booed at, at functions attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is unf... »
August 20, 2014

Go for it, Guv

With reference to your editorial, “Take five” (August 20), if our governor thinks the RBI needs a COO we should support the move. To ask for transparency in every appointment in the RBI is... »

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