December 19, 2014

Flying lessons

Failures are an inherent aspect of free markets. We need better bankruptcy laws to manage them, rather than the bailouts of corporates »


December 19, 2014

Stepping stones to a greener world

Dr Naoko Ishii

The recent climate change meet at Lima has paved the way for a pragmatic pact on emission reduction »


December 19, 2014

Time for capital controls

A Srinivas

The Reserve Bank must reconsider its rupee management policy to check volatility. The rupee fell from about 55 to a dollar in May 2013 to 68 in August that year and thereafter gradually climbed to... »


December 18, 2014

Can India match China's manufacturing prowess?

Radhika Merwin

Prime Minister Modi's ... »


December 19, 2014

WTO must prevail over splinter groups

Kyle Cote

Trade between members of a group affects the rest of the world. Hence the importance of multilateralism »


December 18, 2014

Opposition to GM crops lacks basis

None of this wilting GM crops can beat back pests without pesticide use

Ram Kundinya

New evidence suggests genetically-modified crops are productive and inherently pest-resistant. Is India listening? »


December 18, 2014
BusinessLine Twenty Years Ago - Today

Six banks chalk out turnaround plans

december 19, 1994 Six nationalised banks which have qualified for infusion of a combination of debt along with equity have worked out significant turnaround strategies. The banks... »


G Chandrashekhar

At crossroads now, gold looks vulnerable

Other factors such as ETP redemptions that drive prices are less supportive »

A Srinivas


Time for capital controls

A Srinivas

The Reserve Bank must reconsider its rupee management policy to check volatility. The rupee fell... »


Club Catalyst

Why marketers should visit museums

Great tales Brands have traditionally told wonderful stories. Unfortunately, many modern marketers have forgotten the art of great storytelling. Museums teach us how to tell powerful stories in a vivid, simple manner. POPOVA VALERIYA/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM


There’s a lesson to be learnt from the way museums are managed »



Neatly driven

Neatly driven So, how many times have you begged an auto driver to take you som... »


December 19, 2014

Unfinished business

This is with reference to the editorial, ‘The reappearance of global risks’ (December 19). Of course, India is not immune to external developments. The fall in oil prices has come as a boo... »
December 17, 2014

Barbaric attack

By massacring school kids in a military-run school in Peshawar, the Taliban has displayed unfathomable vengeance and cruelty. The choice of Army Public School was not random, but deliberat... »
December 15, 2014

Sane voice

This refers to ‘Arun Jaitley and his frenemies’ by Poornima Joshi (December 15). Jaitley is a credible voice of the BJP. To his credit, he had gamely put behind him the embarrassment of losing the... »
December 11, 2014

Postman did not knock

A postman attached to Pogalur post office in Coimbatore district with 30 years of service failed to deliver thousands of postal articles. He was suspended pending enquiry. This is perhaps... »
December 9, 2014

No country for women

In light of the rape of a woman by a cab driver in New Delhi, ahead of the second anniversary of the December 16, 2012 incident, it seems that even 67 years after Independence, women in In... »
December 18, 2014

Spicy turbulence

Cash-strapped SpiceJet blotted its copybook after 150 flights out of the 243 scheduled services were cancelled on Wednesday leaving thousands of fliers stranded across the country. The pri... »
December 16, 2014

GST’s time has come

The possibility of confusion and fear of litigation should not be reasons for postponing the introduction of GST as contended by Mohan R Lavi in his article ‘India not ready for GST’ ( Dec... »
December 12, 2014

Clear the confusion

I am in full agreement with Prabhakaran Nair (‘The mad chase after Bt brinjal’, December 12). The GM crops issue has been a topic of discussion in India for over a decade. Any ma... »
December 10, 2014

Make it count

This refers to the news item ‘SBI launches first homegrown economic index’ (December 10). The SBI Composite Index is said to be a robust indicator on macroeconomic variables such as credit... »
December 8, 2014

Let’s remain secular

India is a secular country. There are a lot of holy scriptures with all the philosophical and spiritual content to put individuals and society on the correct track. The Bhagwad Gita, which... »

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