August 26, 2016

Olympian failure

As always, a billion Indian medal hopes were dashed at the Olympics. The public reaction — a bipolar swing from optimism to despair — smacked of a sense of déjà vu. The Indian contingent won two medal... »


August 26, 2016




August 26, 2016

In search of an ideas revolution in India

Time present and time past: Are both perhaps present in time future

Bandi Ram Prasad

Its centres of excellence should be nurtured to re-create the intellectual vigour for which it was so well known till the 1800s »


August 25, 2016

What will the RBI’s new season bring?

Tall order: Keeping Rajan's agenda going


Urjit Patel is likely to favour a cautious approach towards rate cuts. However, his views on banking sector stress are not known »


August 26, 2016

Trump and the crisis of jobless growth


While the advance of automated technologies has shrunk jobs across the globe, immigrants have become easy targets »


August 25, 2016

Taking the high moral road to surrogacy


The Government seems to have missed the turn on a practice that largely works well for all concerned »


August 25, 2016

We’re building too many ports

The more: Is not merrier always - Photo: THULASI KAKKAT

Jose Paul

Colachel port is a bad idea. Instead, the Centre should beef up Vizhinjam and Vallarpadam as competitors to Colombo »



Ride on low oil prices

Tackling retail inflation now could help the GST regime later »

Gurumurthy K


Going for gold

Prices have surged and the bulls are back in business. What's behind the gold rush? Click here t... »



Bilateral investment pacts haven’t worked

Need a new deal: Which is a win-win for all parties They operate at cross-purposes. It would appear that governments have been unable to enforce investor obligations »


‘Disease detective’ and the case of the unsolved poxes

Disease detective?Yes. I’m talking about Donald ‘DA’ Henderson, an American epidemiologist. Many moo... »


August 26, 2016

Review, don’t revert

This refers to ‘What will the RBI’s new season bring?’ by Radhika Rao (August 26). The article raises relevant issues which must be tackled by the new governor. The RBI’s job is to frame the monetary... »
August 24, 2016

Savers’ concerns

This refers to ‘Institutional credit to rural sector must get more attention: President’ (August 24). The Rajan era saw RBI asserting that it was its objective to bring all institutions doing bankin... »
August 22, 2016

Smoke it out

This refers to ‘GST regime should tax cigarettes more’ by Rijo M John (August 22). Considering the ill effects of smoking and burden on the economy, the tax should be higher so that smoking is disco... »
August 18, 2016

RBI’s objectives are clear

This refers to ‘How much money should RBI create?’ by TB Kapali (August 18). The preamble of the RBI Act clearly says the basic function of RBI is “ regulate the issue of Bank Notes and keeping ... »
August 16, 2016

Give them playgrounds

It’s ironic that while we complain of athletes not winning medals, we don’t have playgrounds for children. They are forced to stay indoors, glued to their computers. Playing is the best break from l... »
August 25, 2016

Robust accounting system

Regarding ‘Calender concerns’by Mohan R Lavi (August 25), while the changing the financial year, the government should consider the estimates of receipts and expenditure of the Centre and States. Th... »
August 23, 2016

The gold hunt

There have been various schemes to tap the latent gold mine in domestic coffers. But none of them has addressed the vital issue, that is, the sentimental value of gold. Many don’t exchange their jewe... »
August 19, 2016

Shocking comparison

With respect to your editorial, ‘Paying for performance’ (August 19), it is astounding that Raghuram Rajan should compare himself or PSB chiefs with the heads of private commercial banks in terms of... »
August 17, 2016

Room for improvement

This refers to ‘How India banked on reforms’ by C Rangarajan (August 17). There is a lot more to be done considering we are now operating in a global environment. For example, even after the introdu... »
August 15, 2016

Budget merger

This refers to the report, ‘No Railway budget from next fiscal’ (August 15). The proposal to merge the Rail Budget with the Union Budget needs to be seen as part of the reform process. Many component... »

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