October 24, 2014

National renewal fund, redux

The Centre’s labour reforms push is laudable, but seems to have overlooked an important issue: the need to create a better safety net while removing fetters on the movement of labour and capital. E... »


October 24, 2014
From the Viewsroom

The inward gaze

Malathi Ramanathan

It was a soul-corroding story of homeless eight- and nine-year-olds trapped in sex trade, and, horror of horrors, their vulnerable faces were splashed across the newspaper. As a mother who had lef... »


October 23, 2014

Finally, a push for labour reforms

Win win For industry and labour Paul Prescott/

Pravakar Sahoo

The much awaited labour reforms necessary for mass manufacturing in India were initiated by Prime Minister Modi on October 15. Any efforts to rationalise labour rules, around 250 of them at t... »


October 23, 2014

Women wary of anti-poverty schemes

Incorporating women: Greater awareness and tangible results are factors to

Deepti KC

Despite opportunities and systematic community-driven handholding support from the Government and non-government bodies, women might still choose not to participate in the economic development pro... »


October 23, 2014

BHEL to cut power equipment prices

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) is relooking at its pricing strategy. Considering the competition from multinational companies, it is being felt that the base price of the power sector equipme... »


October 23, 2014

A deadly cocktail

Adil Hussain

I can still remember Pratima Barua’s song on tea garden workers who left their homes in Odisha and Bihar to pluck tea leaves in the gardens of Assam, to give the world the famous Assam tea. ... »


October 23, 2014

Skewed approach to bad debt

Don’t flush it down yet. Try to fix the asset IQONCEPT/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

Nirmal Gangwal

There is growing concern over stressed assets in the banking system. Public sector banks have been affected most. According to an ICRA report, the gross non-performing assets (NPAs) and 30 per cen... »



Circuit Breaker

Who cares about public shareholders?

Cogs in the wheel: Each one counts Anatoly Maslennikov/ When the markets are moribund, Indian policymakers pull out all stops to convince small investors... »


Time to turn the heat on Pakistan

Endless vigil: Uncertainty engenders insecurity, and it's getting worse - Reuters Just over a year ago, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was swept back to power, prompting expectations... »



A workforce on the move, literally

Commuters travelling in suburban train in Mumbai. (file photo) In the last couple of decades, the number of people commuting between rural and urban areas on a... »



Can businessmen make good politicians?

November is election time in the US: that means one topic will surely get time on the airwaves —... »


October 24, 2014

Debt threat

This is with reference to “Skewed approach to bad debt” by Nirmal Gangwal (October 24). Stressed assets are a major concern now. Many causes can be attributed to them. But an important rea... »
October 21, 2014

Modi effect worked

In “The equation underlying the Modi wave” (October 21), Poornima Joshi relies essentially on changes in vote share to infer that Modi’s leadership had no effect on regional parties and caste-base... »
October 17, 2014

Growth woes

This refers to the article “Stop this dithering on banking reforms” by SS Tarapore (October 17). At a time when the Government is looking at fiscal consolidation how could it provide the r... »
October 15, 2014

Find a solution

This refers to the editorial, “Taking cover” (October 15).The issue of unhedged exposure of corporates and others comes up every now and then without arriving at any tangible solution. »
October 13, 2014

Scientific advancements

Though the cyclone Hud Hud caused widespread destruction to property, the number of casualties were limited. Both the Central and State governments deserve credit for carrying out such a m... »
October 23, 2014

Kitchens of management

“Adding some masala to management lessons” by Padmini Sharatkumat (October 22) expressed my thoughts exactly. It’s a brilliant article, loaded with humour. In fact, I always wonder why young mothe... »
October 20, 2014

Discount deewane

Most people have a habit of buying unnecessary things especially if available at so-called discounts. What usually happens is that old stocks get discounted at current prices or the prices... »
October 16, 2014

Smoke signals

This refers to “Getting ‘Make in India’ right” by R Srinivasan (October 16). Several signals from the Government suggest what ‘Make in India’ really means. Will it free enterprises from pe... »
October 14, 2014

Off target, and on

The writers of “The absurd clamour for labour market reforms” (October 14), Jayati Ghosh and CP Chandrashekar, miss the point when they consider the clamour for labour market reforms as on... »
October 10, 2014

Much to learn

The editorial, “Unmake in India” (October 10), is a meaningful analysis of why we rank 134 out of 189 nations in ease of doing business . Granted that Nokia should have been penalised for... »

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