December 7, 2016

Playing too safe

The RBI-MPC team has been prudent — but the price of prudence may prove high »


December 7, 2016

BusinessLine Twenty Years Ago Today: Independent global energy body proposed

Creation of an independent multilateral world energy organisation which would undertake independent forecast of demand and supply and formulate policies fair to all market players and formulation o... »


December 7, 2016

Global situation not conducive to cut

Sense of balance That’s key to sound monetary policy

Abheek Barua, Tushar Arora

A repo rate reduction could have triggered outflows and a falling rupee, given the likelihood of the Fed raising rates »


December 6, 2016

BusinessLine Twenty Years Ago Today: ‘7% growth target difficult but realistic’

The Finance Ministry is of the view that the Ninth Plan (1997-2002) GDP growth rate of seven per cent average per annum is not “unrealistic”, though it is a difficult task. Highly placed sources in... »


December 7, 2016

Creating a cashless utopia

S Krishnamurty, Shyamal Roy, Sankarshan Basu

Here’s how an economy that swaps currency for ‘byte money’ will work — no bribes and no deforestation »


December 7, 2016

Well-advised wait and watch stance

Curious consensus But no complaints

Usha Thorat

The monetary policy panel rightly decided not to lower rates in uncertain times. But it was too tightlipped on demonetisation »


December 6, 2016

Out to cull sick small and micro units?

Machinations of God Small industry ravaged by Chennai’s floods

R Viswanathan

A recent RBI directive unfortunately pushes banks to declare SMEs unviable, and recover dues without exploring revival options »



The intangibles of Jayalalithaa’s welfare-nomics

You mean ‘freebies’.Yes, I’m talking of the ‘freebie’ handouts of everything from TV sets to mixies ... »



Can developing Asia hold its ground?

Capital flight from Asia points to investor concerns about both political processes in the big Asian developing economies and their medium-term economic prospects »


All you wanted to know about angel funds

The recent rule relaxation for Angel Funds has seen regulator SEBI turning a guardian angel to the n... »

Tina Edwin

Digital payments are big data

The transactions trail they leave will help detect tax evasion »


December 7, 2016

A fine example

The funeral of Tamil Nadu’s chief minister, Jaylalithaa, was organised well and was incident-free despite the huge assembly of people. Contrary to expectations, the whole State remained calm. These ... »
December 5, 2016

Rate cut possible

The monetary policy statement scheduled to be announced on December 7 assumes greater significance in the wake of demonetisation. Banks are flooded with liquidity due to a surge in the low cost depo... »
December 1, 2016

Don’t be judgmental

The editorial, ‘Freeing up angels’ (December 1) accurately pinpointed the imperatives of relaxing conditions for funding startups while highlighting the loosening of certain conditions by SEBI. Vent... »
November 29, 2016

Boost handicrafts

This is with reference to ‘India can rule world lifestyle market’ by Pritam Banerjee (November 29). The ‘Make in India’ initiative should encourage skilled workers throughout the country who are slow... »
November 25, 2016

Change is scary

This is with reference to ‘Programmed to reject demonetisation’ by Ramya Rangnathan (November 25). Although the writer’s assessment is correct, demonetisation has affected everybody; only the scale ... »
December 6, 2016

A people’s politician

Tamil Nadu is orphaned by the passing of J Jayalalithaa. Those who differed with her on her domineering brand of politics may not have adored her, but they too were in awe of her and her public perso... »
December 2, 2016

Dragging down

This refers to ‘Red tape, a big drag on our exports’ by Ajay Srivastava (December 2). The writer has highlighted the causes for delay in documentation and at the level of movement of goods. At the d... »
November 30, 2016

Banks are bleeding enough

This refers to your edit, ‘Easing the blow’ (November 30). The original purpose of CRR is to ensure that banks do not run out of cash to meet the payment demands of their depositors. Liquidity in the... »
November 28, 2016

Deep thought

This refers to ‘No future for jobs in the info-tech sector’ by Rajalakshmi Nirmal (November 28).The picture of growth in the IT sector described in the report is dismal and should be taken serious n... »
November 24, 2016

Climate and Trump

Donald Trump’s rethinking on global warming is a matter of gratification. Both India and China have earned the tag of being the highest polluters of the world, especially in the context of year 2016... »

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