Lessons on acceptance, adapting and achievements

Pradipti Jayaram

Lady, You’re Not a Man! based on the real-life experiences of author Apurva Purohit, C... »

The mystery of the missing bindi

On the dot Fewer ads today show women with bindi AKHILESH KUMAR

Ambi Parameswaran, now advisor to DraftFCB Ulka, has written For God’s Sake, a book on how rel... »

Tapping the rural market

Our Bureau

Brands can tap rural marketing potential only through long-term commitment, a comprehe... »

Antara Dev Sen to chair DSC Prize for South Asian Literature


Noted writer, editor and literary critic Antara Dev Sen is set to chair the jury for the 2014 DS... »

I am the Rat, says author Amitava Kumar

He has lived in the US for close to three decades and has written more than half a dozen book... »
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