Lessons on acceptance, adapting and achievements

Pradipti Jayaram

Lady, You’re Not a Man! based on the real-life experiences of author Apurva Purohit, CEO of Radio Ci... »

The mystery of the missing bindi

On the dot Fewer ads today show women with bindi AKHILESH KUMAR

Ambi Parameswaran, now advisor to DraftFCB Ulka, has written For God’s Sake, a book on how religion,... »

Tapping the rural market

Our Bureau

Brands can tap rural marketing potential only through long-term commitment, a comprehensive plan ... »

Antara Dev Sen to chair DSC Prize for South Asian Literature


Noted writer, editor and literary critic Antara Dev Sen is set to chair the jury for the 2014 DSC P... »

I am the Rat, says author Amitava Kumar

He has lived in the US for close to three decades and has written more than half a dozen books in E... »
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