Mann ki baat on the Budget

If the ordinary consumer could respond to corporate wish-lists on the Budget, what would she say? Here’s a sample. »

Tax terrorism and the aam aadmi

India’s taxation system is blatantly unfair with the law-abiding citizen paying for paying while defaulters go scot-free »

How low can rates go?

Policy rates can edge down gradually by 200 basis points or more. Now is the time to act »

The great Indian data deficit

For the aam aadmi, official data is hard to come by. This is one job that cannot be outsourced to the private sector »

All you wanted to know about: Fat finger trades

These days, when stock market behaves in an erratic fashion, it may not just be due to foreign investors selling or geo-political tensions in a far-off land. It may also be due to a ‘fat finger’ tr... »

There’s a nasty side to falling inflation

Low inflation can shrink your salary increases, reduce corporate profits and throw government finances into disarray »

What’s sacrosanct about promoters?

There’s no need to panic when they relinquish control. Companies with low or nil promoter holdings can also flourish »

Three new fund pitches to ignore

Why go in for NFOs when there are over 500 older funds to choose from? »

Three new ways to halt India’s gold rush

Flag off gold savings plans, monetise idle gold and make PAN mandatory for bullion purchases »

Who cares about public shareholders?

When Indian regulators bail out scam-hit firms, it’s this segment that always gets a raw deal »
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