The ideological clash within the UPA

The differences between Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi have far deeper historical roots than is apparent »

BPOs: The road best not taken

They have little to contribute by way of skills diffusion. All that they leave behind is a sense of rootlessness »

India’s new political economy

The driving impulse is to secure rent and capital gains out of land, rather than engage in productive activity »

Who has benefited from growth?

More than half of India’s population still battles with disabling poverty — inequality has risen, empowerment has not »

Book the law, not the victims

Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code gags freedom of expression. Publishers succumb to it like the rest of us »

Can Congress, BJP shrug off the past?

The two parties are projecting an image of what they are not: the BJP as inclusionary and the Congress as non-welfarist »

Slip, slide, belly-aap into politics

From the early promise of a new kind of politics, the AAP has slipped into the routine and rhetoric of vote-culling »

Interim Budget does an about-turn

The Congress has shrugged off its pro-poor policy profile and chosen to woo the middle class instead »

Talking growth, not talking jobs

Technology is wiping out jobs in the West, and now increasingly in India as well. ‘Temping’ is the new norm »

Why do we never talk about inequality?

Despite being a raging topic elsewhere, inequality is not a subject of discussion. For this, the middle-class is to blame »
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