Bhaskar Balakrishnan has served as Ambassador of India to Greece, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and has worked in Sudan, Syria, Zambia and Austria, apart from being with various UN organizations in Geneva and Vienna for over ten years. He joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1974, after graduating from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Delhi University, and Stonybrook University, New York. He is a visiting professor at the JSS University, Mysore. He has been conducting training courses for Indian and foreign diplomats for the Foreign Service Institute of India, and has participated as an expert on national television programmes.

Time to end Iran’s isolation

India has been steering a cautious path with Iran, keeping in view its broader economic stakes. »

Rogue vessels in Indian waters

Private security providers must collaborate with the navies of coastal states such as India and Lanka. International cooperation to tackle piracy has become a crucial issue. »

Bhutan — a tiny, cold neighbour

To keep the China shadow out, India should be warm and flexible. »

We’ve only just begun

The first Kudankulam reactor has gone critical. But this is only one among many milestones to be crossed. »

Pull out all the stops on FDI

There can be no ‘defence’ for the current curbs. »

Let’s mend fences with Denmark

For too long has the Purulia arms drop incident been in the way. »

Trade talks with EU too hush-hush

Details of India’s proposed deal with EU should be discussed in Parliament. »

Disarm North Korea, through talks

North Korea’s nuclear ambitions are best tackled through diplomatic methods. »

Iran on nuclear overdrive

The country has made steady progress despite sanctions, frustrating the Western world. »

Syria, an ever-boiling cauldron

Those stirring the pot are extremist groups and a host of countries, with the UN being utterly ineffective. »
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