C. Gopinath is a professor and dean of the Jindal Global Business School, Sonepat, Delhi NCR, and is on the faculty of the Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, Boston, USA. Prior to his academic career, he held executive positions at leading companies. His areas of specialization are strategic management and international business. His research has been published in several academic journals. His books include Globalization: A multidimensional system (2014, McGrawHill Education) and Strategize! Experiential exercises in strategic management 4ed. (2013, Cengage/ South-Western, with J. Siciliano).

Rape on campus

US universities under scrutiny »

Can businessmen make good politicians?

What may seem fine in business, like laying off workers, is unacceptable in politics. The transition can prove hard »

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Cold War redux

It’s happening in cyber space »

Lend me your ears

That’s all businesses ask of governments »
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