Research Bytes - Information market

In general, business travellers are less price sensitive than leisure travellers; and, airlines exploit this by charging higher fares for tickets with characteristics valued more highly by... »

Store Value

The focus of ‘The Dollar and Its Discontents’ by Olivier Jeanne () is on the performance of the dollar as a store of value. The author is of the view that, for countries that accumu... »

You read - Permanent beta

For entrepreneurs, ‘finished’ is an F-word, write Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha in The Start-up of You (www.landmark We are all works in progress, the authors declare... »

You Read - Age diversity

Age is irrelevant, avers John A. Dembitz in It’s the People! ( In his view, “It is the competence of the individual, their drive, motivation, energy and en... »

Employee counselling

Terminating or laying off an employee is an unpleasant task that a leader may have to at times perform in the best interest of the company. Yet, it can be done with utmost gentleness and c... »

Sunset years

If you are approaching your retirement years, should you get out of the stock market? Answering this question is a chapter titled ‘How much in risky stocks versus safe cash?' in ‘The 7... »

Tech and one-to-one marketing

Technology today enables companies to identify the customer at every touch point. »

New combination of old elements

Ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, what will be the things you will regret most? Perhaps not the dumb things you did during that time, but the things you did not do, the chance you did n... »

Invest in human capital

When measured in terms of your lifetime earning capacity, your human capital is your most valuable asset, reminds Jerry A. Webman in MoneyShift: How to prosper from what you can't contr... »

‘Look for potential buys in Europe'

The acquisitions can be of technologically strong companies with deep capabilities. MR HANS-PAUL BÜRKNER, PRESIDENT AND CEO, BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP »
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