Tax by means fair or foul

The government should not let overzealousness and disregard of due processes shape its tax calls »

‘Synergy’ is not a false promise

Aren’t sure whether a good team is better than the sum of its individuals? Coffee or microbiology may help »

Balancing risks and rewards in cricket

Cricket needs to be an engaging contest between bat and ball, rather than an engineered, if not contrived, spectacle »

A fix for the financial products market

An electronic, exchange-based market system can break the stranglehold of entrenched interests »

Freebies, or a sensible tax policy?

The ‘tax revenues foregone’ statement in the Budget does not mean corporates are being let off the hook »

Of course they were in the know

The ‘minority shareholder’ argument in the NSEL-FTIL merger case does not hold water »

What Bhushan Steel tells us about ‘strategy’

The company took an investment bet, four times its size. When things went wrong, the financials couldn’t cope with the fallout »

Should we teach our kids Hindu epics?

Why not? These are works of scholarship and we must not let prejudice stand in the way of learning »

Getting a fix on healthcare

Private participation in key social sectors of the economy need not result in marginalisation of the State. »

Not a fare at any cost

Exorbitantly high auto fares as a public policy choice leaves no one worse off than in a situation where the State had abdicated its responsibility to enforce regulated fares. »
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