Getting a fix on healthcare

Private participation in key social sectors of the economy need not result in marginalisation of the State. »

Not a fare at any cost

Exorbitantly high auto fares as a public policy choice leaves no one worse off than in a situation where the State had abdicated its responsibility to enforce regulated fares. »

Are drugs mere placebos?

The pharma industry possesses none of the characteristics required of a business to be structured as a global operation. »

Naxal elephant in the drawing room

The institutionalised resistance to State authority, which is really what Naxalite violence is all about, has been around for a very long time. »

Hard choices on asset allocation

What appears as a sound investment bet contains enough markers, each one of which could potentially turn it into a dud. »

Yours, mine and ours

The consumerist model of growth that the modern human society has adopted contains, unfortunately, the seeds of its own destruction. »

I want, therefore I am

In the language of the Facebook, there seems little option for global consumers, but to have fewer ‘Likes’. »

Crime and ‘just’ punishment

Not every act of violence should be seen as a challenge to the state’s right of enforcement of law and order in society, however felonious it might be. »

Songs that fail the ‘bathroom’ test

Film music lacks that ‘something’ of yore with listeners discarding one current favourite for another in a jiffy. »

Chicken soup for the palate

State-run food outlets have the ability to score over ration shops. The short shelf-life of cooked food is a natural deterrent to illegal diversion. »
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