Sunny days ahead?

To get there, the power sector should be freed from power politics »

The ten crore question

Jobs have become part of political rhetoric. But where is the plan? »

Comedy is serious business

Entrepreneurship is coming of age in India, with a new breed of ‘creative’ businessmen »

Learning to expect the unexpected

India Inc needs to redefine its understanding of the meaning of innovation »

A never-ending spree

The government has tripled the pay of babus every decade. What are we getting in return? »

Welcome to the halal economy

The Islamic financial world is now a global force to reckon with. And India’s missing out »

At the edge of the precipice

The recession has gone from apprehension to reality. But where is the policy response? »

Aam aadmi ko gussa kyon aata hai

Our exploding urban population is found in places that are towns and cities only in name, with no matching infrastructure or governance systems. »

A different kind of change

The election results give hope on two fronts — traditional vote bank politics has been tested and it is possible to come up with an alternative method to raise funds. »

India’s neglected skills market

Virtually every sector of activity is screaming hoarse about the skills gap. But lakhs of skilled workers are denied access to productive work for want of a hammer or a wrench. »
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