A long-term relationship ahead

India and Korea have enjoyed excellent diplomatic and economic relations that have never been marred by bad historical memories, territorial disputes or economic competition. New Delhi’s... »

Smelly, dank cinema paradiso

Movie magic unspooling in dark hell holes… the unlamented movie halls of yore. »

Seoul sojourn

Picturesque landscape, budget-friendly hotels, and vegetarian-friendly food — South Korea is a holiday destination waiting to be discovered. »

Narendra Modi’s Patel test

If BJP asks Modi to put party ahead of prime ministership, his decision would then be what truly sets him apart. »

The Modi-Nitish bargaining game

Will the Bharatiya Janata Party use Narendra Modi to win the election and then choose someone else as the prime ministerial candidate? »

The North Korean puzzle

Why is North Korea doing things that are bound to hurt it? Because that is the leadership’s style. »

1991 reloaded

In the 22 years since the last major crisis, the economy is right back where it started. »

Modi, Mamata, Karuna — who next?

Or what's next? Will the Ministry of External Affairs set up a new States division so that the States’ views can be ascertained before major foreign policy decisions are taken? »

Return of the mansabdar

The tensions between an economically powerful Centre and politically strong regions have led to conflict between nation and country »

Sudden blast from the past

Many things set America apart from the rest of the world. Triumphalism is one of the more important distinguishers. From the time they drove out the British in 1776, Americans have hooped,... »

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