Dialling the wrong number again

The bid to make telecom tower companies move to a revenue-share regime is absurd.. »

Don’t be afraid of Facebook

When the PRISM story came out in public it sounded like the US government had access to information of all users on Facebook and this was false: Joe Sullivan »

For your eyes only? Hardly!

Privacy laws must spell out the conditions under which a Net user’s account can be monitored — with full legal rights to challenge it. »

BlackBerry India MD’s exit may dampen BB10 party

‘No reasons given yet for resignation’ »

Messing up on spectrum, again

With the Government sacrificing public interest in pursuit of political mileage and revenue, the consumer has lost out. »

The smartphone challengers

Global brands like HTC and Lenovo are gearing up for a pitched battle to break the dominance of Samsung and Nokia in the Indian smartphone market »

The party’s over for telecom users

With competition losing intensity, the Big 3 of the telecom industry are less wary of hiking call rates. »

From 2G to flopji

Thursday, January 10, 2008: There was total pandemonium at Sanchar Bhawan, the office of the Department of Telecom. Representatives of wannabe telecom companies literally got into fistfigh... »

Getting spectrum pricing right

The Government needs to iron out flaws in the auction design – and not reject the auction process. »

Congress conundrum

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told his Cabinet colleagues last week that the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) would be “working against the political calendar” during the re... »

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