Portable PF

It may be an exaggeration to call it a labour reform, but Prime Minister Modi’s announcement that... »

Diesel disengaged

The Centre was able to live up to its reformist credentials by deregulating diesel thanks to shee... »

Modi’s second victory

The BJP’s convincing majority in Haryana and its emergence as the single largest party in Maharas... »

Well begun

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has signalled his intention to get his ‘Make in India’ project going... »

Slow arm of the law

The Securities and Exchange Board of India’s decision to bar real estate giant DLF and its top ma... »

Respite on inflation

The fall in consumer price index inflation to 6.46 per cent in September is significant for more reasons than one. First, it is the lowest inflation number since the start of the new CPI series fro... »

Not so Nobel record

Kailash Satyarthi has done the country proud by bagging a Nobel Prize for his untiring crusade against child labour. But that still leaves a nagging question: Why does India, with its army of engin... »

Bond market boost

The Reserve Bank of India’s concerted efforts to bring about structural changes in the government bond market is laudable; but a lot more needs to be done. In the recent monetary policy, the centra... »

Caveat venditor

The runaway response to the recent online mega-sales by Flipkart and its rivals Snapdeal and Amazon is good news for India’s nascent e-commerce sector; it proves that consumers are shedding their i... »

A taxing decision

The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down sections of the National Tax Tribunal Act, 2005 as unconstitutional, thereby effectively killing the proposed National Tax Tribunal (NTT), is a setback f... »

Towards Swachh Bharat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolve to turn India into ‘Swachh Bharat’ by 2019 to commemorate Gandhiji’s 150th birth anniversary is laudable. That he has aired his dismay over India’s poor hygie... »

No interest respite

The Reserve Bank of India, as widely predicted, has not cut benchmark interest rates in its latest monetary policy review. This, despite wholesale inflation falling to a 58-month low of 3.7 per cen... »

A timely re-rating

Global credit rating agencies aren’t known for extraordinary prescience. It was their triple-A ratings for mortgage-backed securities in the US that, after all, paved the way for the 2008 global ec... »

A wrong corrective

The Supreme Court’s final order on coal mine allotments, cancelling all but 14 out of 218 blocks awarded between 1993 and 2012, is truly unfortunate. The court has applied the guillotine uniformly,... »

Engaging Uncle Sam

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to the US comes at a time that nation has (since 2008-09) been displaced by China as India’s top trading partner. But India has a trade surplus with th... »

Life after Xi

Family matters

Open sesame

Yes, old can be gold

Well begun

Primary concerns

Judges as governors

Our cows and theirs

Taking cover

There is a timeliness to the concern expressed by the Reserve Bank of India’s Deputy Governor, HR Khan, about the declining hedge ratio of Indian corporates. The relative calm experienced by the fo... »

Right call

The Vodafone transfer pricing case should prompt revenue authorities to exercise prudence in tax claims The Bombay High Court’s ruling setting aside a tax demand of around Rs 3,2... »

Unmake in India

Nokia’s decision to suspend manufacturing at its mobile handsets plant near Chennai is not the best advertisement for the Narendra Modi-led Government’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ plans. What makes... »

US recovery implications

Last week, President Barack Obama said it was America, not India or China, that was the “world’s most attractive place to invest”. The claim has some basis. The US economy grew at an annualised rat... »

The over-recovery dividend

Public sector oil marketing companies (OMC) are, for the first time, making money on diesel, pocketing an ‘over-recovery’ of ₹1.90 on every litre sold to consumers. Compare this to the situation on... »

The saath-saath moment

It is both interesting and revealing that while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on his maiden official visit to the US, CEOs of two major American corporations — Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’... »

Golden opportunity

The recent slide in global crude oil and gold prices offers India a reprieve on the current account deficit (CAD), presenting an opportune time for policymakers to ease up on the numerous gold impo... »

Regulate drugs and doctors too

The problem of unethical and anti-competitive pricing practices by drug-makers, which had promoted the intervention of the National Pharma Pricing Authority, is far from resolved. At issue here is... »

Cut red tape

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly pointed to the need to clear the “jungle of archaic laws” to make governance smooth and transparent. Recently, the Law Commission in its interim report call... »

Making in India

During 2004-05 and 2011-12, when India’s GDP rose annually by 8.3 per cent on an average, its manufacturing sector grew at an even higher rate of 9.25 per cent. The next two years saw average GDP g... »

An aye for unity

Course correction

Waiting for recovery

PF limits


A new engagement

A new stimulus

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