Stalemate in real estate

Unless property prices drop or economic prospects revive, there will be no end in sight to the logjam in the sector »

Mix, but also match

Yes, we need fewer and larger banks, but they must merge for the right reasons »

Dealing with a dampener

Takeouts from the Met department’s forecast »

IT’s overreach

FPIs don’t deserve to be slapped with MAT, but the place to settle the issue is the courts »

The other half

Services account for more than half our GDP but less than half of merchandise exports. Policy attention can change this »

A piece of paper

An average Indian college degree is no more than that. For this to change, we need radical reforms in higher education »

Wait and watch

Curbs on ECBs should not be lifted until the currency derivative market improves »

The price of freedom

Is there really a case for altering the democratic nature of the internet? »

Women on top

SEBI’s graded penalty system for companies that fail to comply with the requirement of having at least one woman director on their boards has resulted in their scrambling to fill up positions over... »

Truth lessons

Only time will tell if the Satyam case was an aberration or not »

Choke hold

The new Air Quality Index highlights the scale of the air pollution problem, but the government needs to act to solve it »


The RBI’s proposal to tighten bank exposure to a single or group of connected borrowers is a step towards aligning Indian norms with international standards on large exposures set by the Basel Comm... »

Full disclosure

There is no reason why technology or e-commerce startups should enjoy special dispensation on pre-listing disclosures »

Off track on rail safety

The Debroy panel should put this high on its agenda »

The dream sours

Whether an implosion or a mere “crisis of adolescence”, the upheavals in the AAP have dented its image as a force for change »

The big sale

Reaching out

Pearl of the Orient

Air pockets

Grounded by politics

Hitting a wall

Growth concerns remain

The summons

Take it easy

Full capital account convertibility is a desirable goal, but our situation calls for a gradualist approach to dismantling capital controls »

Too pessimistic

In warning India about possible external shocks, S&P seems to have ignored recent moves to kick-start growth »

Time for a cut

There is a need to spur growth, but there are also risks in not reducing the repo rate further »

Industry on the mend

The turnaround seems to have set in now, and perhaps not in 2013-14 »

Island of high rates

It is somewhat ironic that the Centre, which has been demanding that the Reserve Bank of India and commercial banks swiftly slash their interest rates to stimulate the economy, has taken a diametri... »

Towards better transmission

In maintaining the status quo, Raghuram Rajan signals that it’s time banks passed on the benefits of earlier rate cuts »

A provident move

With interest rates set to move lower, it’s good that the EPFO has been allowed to start investing in equities »

Making for the world

The just-unveiled foreign trade policy is best judged by its treatment of two crucial issues of the day: how it links up with ‘Make in India’ and the position it adopts on regional trade and invest... »

A fine balance

The differences over the constitution of the Monetary Policy Committee should be ironed out by providing the Centre with a voice and the RBI governor with a veto »

In need of a fix

As the curtain comes down on the century-old London gold fix, the spotlight is now on the opaque and random manner in which Indian spot gold prices continue to be determined. Gold prices in London,... »

Reinventing Muni bonds

Cross Section

Patient tantrums


If small is to be beautiful

Time for smooth sailing

Trouble spot

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