Pension for a paisa

We need a more nuanced process to select managers for the National Pension System »

Cooling dragon, stumbling elephant

India and China can learn from each other’s growth experience »

The right inflation target

The RBI should reconsider using CPI inflation as the nominal anchor »

Data distortions

Our policymakers are whistling in the dark »

The next infra boom

Re-igniting private investor interest in infrastructure will take some effort »

Shareholder inactivism

In recent times, Indian policymakers have been in a regulatory overdrive to empower small investors to stand up for their rights. The Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has forced listed com... »

Competitive restructuring

This week saw two significant merger proposals that have implications for competition in India. Sun Pharmaceutical’s buy-out of Ranbaxy and the likely acquisition of Lafarge’s assets here by Holcim... »

Sun shine

Sun Pharmaceutical’s acquisition of Ranbaxy Laboratories, through an all-stock deal that merges the latter into the former, is replete with symbolic importance. Ranbaxy was billed as the first Indi... »

Diesel opportunism

The Centre’s decision to put further hikes in diesel prices on hold smacks of opportunism, in an election season. Softening global crude prices and a strengthening rupee — which have contributed to... »

Easy limits

The Election Commission’s decision to raise the spending limit for candidates contesting the Lok Sabha poll has generated an animated but misplaced debate. Instead of triggering a general discussio... »

RIP repo rate?

By keeping the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) policy rates unchanged, Governor Raghuram Rajan has, on the face of it, acted according to market expectations. The RBI has, indeed, retained the ‘repo’... »

The rupee surge

There isn’t a better indicator of macroeconomic stability and investor confidence than the exchange value of an economy’s currency. It is, therefore, significant that the rupee has strengthened to... »

Neither free nor fair

The Election Commission’s decision directing the Centre to defer the notification of a revised price for domestically produced gas from April 1 is questionable on many counts. Fixing the new price... »

A hope and a prayer

The stock market’s charge this week, propelling the benchmarks — the Sensex and the Nifty — to new lifetime peaks is accompanied by a tinge of irrationality. Foreign institutional investors, who ar... »

If Yellen’s a hawk

After months of speculation about whether the US Federal Reserve’s new chief Janet Yellen would prove more dovish or hawkish than her predecessor, global markets had their answer last week. In her... »

Sanctions in the age of globalisation

Home truths

It is Maruti’s Suzuki after all

Farming happiness

Women on board

Rallying on fundamentals

Gold in a spot

Ukraine lessons

Short-term by nature

The Reserve Bank of India’s move, in its recent monetary policy, to limit foreign institutional investor (FII) investment in debt to only dated securities with a maturity of one year and above is w... »

Free and fair?

So Mamata Banerjee blinked first. After threatening to precipitate a constitutional crisis by not accepting the Election Commission’s directive to transfer some state government officials, includin... »

A bit of this and a bit of that

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) national election manifesto reflects the tension between its relatively liberal modernising impulses and the party’s archly conservative ideological core. The man... »

Watching the watchdogs

Of the many provisions in the new Companies Act intended at tightening lax corporate governance standards, those relating to the auditing profession are possibly the most significant. Recently noti... »

Licensing for competition

Following the Election Commission’s nod, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set the ball rolling on new banking licences by granting ‘in principle’ approval to two applicants — IDFC and Bandhan Fi... »

Mind the gap

Contrary to popular belief, the country has registered a sharp reduction in power deficit in the recent period. According to the Central Electricity Authority, the peak power deficit fell to an all... »

Trade scrutiny

India’s agricultural trade and intellectual property rights (IPR)-related policies have come under the international spotlight in recent months. Brazil, Australia and the European Union have questi... »

No let-up in window-dressing

As the financial year draws to a close, the finance ministry is going all out to contain the fiscal deficit to its red line level of 4.6 per cent of GDP. Throughout the year it has engaged in windo... »

Static model

The Model Code of Conduct, which contains a long list of dos and don’ts for governments, parties and candidates, is essentially meant to ensure a level playing field during the course of an electio... »

The great exchange bazaar

The Securities and Exchange Board of India’s order asking Financial Technologies (India) Ltd to divest its stakes in MCX-SX, MCX-SX Clearing Corporation, and regional stock exchanges raises serious... »

De-risking agriculture

Speed call

Elections Twenty20

Misdirected subsidies

Filling up the coffers

Sahara for whom

Let the contest begin

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