A lighter shade of green

As the Central Government completes 100 days in office, there is encouraging news in the form of... »

Beyond SEBI

The Securities and Exchange Board of India has been on a regulatory overdrive in recent months, u... »

Politics and criminality

The Supreme Court’s reminder that the executive needs to observe “constitutional propriety” while... »

The cost of no power

While staying an order permitting Tata Power and Adani Power to hike the price of electricity fro... »

Coal truths

The Supreme Court has declared the award of all the 206 coal blocks between 1993 and 2012, made t... »

BJP, interrupted

The dynamism of Indian politics has once again proved there is no constant. The results of the Assembly by-elections in four States suggest that the momentum of the seemingly unstoppable march of t... »

Agreeing to disagree

The ‘green shoots’ in the recent economic data have been weak and straggly, casting doubts on the sustainability of the recent economic upturn. It is therefore heartening that both the Reserve Bank... »

Crude opportunity

The average price of crude imported by Indian refiners has fallen to $99.94 a barrel, the first time it has gone below the $100 mark since June 26, 2013. This has implications beyond the psychologi... »

Don’t budge on SEZ taxes

The Centre should refrain from restoring tax benefits to units in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and developers of these enclaves that were withdrawn in the 2011-12 Budget. SEZ units and developers... »

Ticking all the right boxes

By announcing the creation of a “new institution” to replace the Planning Commission in his Independence Day address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has virtually consigned to the flames one of the l... »

Warning signals

The disappointment over the latest industrial growth and inflation data is mainly due to unrealistic expectations »

Patchy performance

Corporate quarterly results suggest that while consumer confidence may have revived, core and cyclical sectors remain a matter of concern »

More cover needed

India’s forex reserves have risen, but more is needed. It’s time for another overseas bond scheme »

Rites of passage

The BJP is learning what political opportunism’s like when the shoe is on the other foot »

The ground beneath our feet

Our plans to grow and industrialise could come unstuck because of an increasingly scarce commodity — land »

Counterproductive rigidity

A different kart race

The hope from asset sales

Insurance takes a hike

Satyam, Sahara, SEBI

Pseudo-swadeshi defence

Free market? Not for drugs

BRICS in the Chinese wall

Progress on GST

It is good that States have agreed on levying Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all traders and service providers with an annual turnover exceeding ₹10 lakh. Also, the Centre seems to be willing to l... »

Improving disclosures

The Securities and Exchange Board of India’s proposals aimed at improving the quality of disclosures by listed Indian companies deserve to be welcomed. While companies do provide exhaustive informa... »

Take five

One cannot quarrel with the idea of an organisation appointing a Chief Operating Officer (COO), who is responsible for its day-to-day operations as the effective No 2 after the Chairman and CEO. Am... »

Ebola emergency

The deadly ebola virus has already claimed over 1,000 lives and infected about 2,000 people in the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. The outbreak is a reminder of... »

Spending wise

The constitution of an Expenditure Management Commission (EMC), headed by former Reserve Bank of India Governor and Finance Secretary Bimal Jalan, is the first step towards addressing a crying need... »

The DBT alternative

Cash transfers will liberate the poor from dependence on shoddily delivered public goods »

English Vinglish

It’s time we recognised the obvious — English is an essential skill for administrators of a globalised economy like India »

One bad apple?

The Syndicate Bank case is a reminder of the need to address the structural weaknesses in the governance systems of PSU banks »

Tight isn’t right

The RBI’s approach may rule out any interest rate cuts for a long time »

An inkling of hope

Despite global headwinds, India’s growth prospects look distinctly better today »

Unfounded fears

Putting dole to work

Cash isn’t king

Dealing with bank failure

A vote of confidence

Niche banking

Financing infrastructure

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