The end of bad times

The Survey is remarkably optimistic about growth, and not entirely without reason »

Platform for the future

There’s little to fault in Suresh Prabhu’s larger vision for the Railways. But funding the plan will be a challenge »

Dual responsibility

The Centre has walked its talk on fiscal autonomy for States. Now, States need to do their bit, notably on GST »

Corporate espionage

The government needs to drastically overhaul its decision-making and record-keeping systems and processes »

Speed limits

The Centre’s approach to reforms is testing India Inc’s patience. The time for gradualism is running out »

Bright spot

India’s solar power initiative is both audacious and laudable but could do with a little fine-tuning »

Defence offensive

Sweeping reforms are needed if India is to become a global defence manufacturing hub. A piecemeal approach won’t work »

The swine flu scare

Our creaky health infrastructure stands exposed »

Wing and a prayer

India’s air safety regulation regime is in urgent need of overhaul »

Freedom to distribute

Scrapping dividend distribution tax will make equities more attractive and help redistribute capital to the sectors that most need it »

Uncommon victory

The AAP’s remarkable win in Delhi is not a referendum on Modi. But it does underscore the need to broadbase development »

Building capital for infrastructure

It is imperative to ensure a smooth flow of private financing into the infrastructure sector »

What revival?

Weak corporate results have thrown up unexpected trends. The Centre must take note as it sifts through India Inc’s pre-Budget wish-lists »

Lost opportunity

The RBI should have surprised us, yet again »

Distorting the economy

The government should not use its regulatory muscle to try and choke the e-commerce sector »

Borrow in India

Dealing with PDS reform

Booster shot

Spectrum swapping

Cane, but able?

States of affairs

Reinventing India Post

Primary requirement

A potholed road

Fixed tariffs and unlimited claims have made the third party motor insurance business unviable. Deregulation is the solution »

The digital divide

Digital India can be realised only if quality access to the internet is matched by availability. High spectrum prices threaten both »

Needed, real inclusion

India’s poor as well as the middle class are quite happy with the banking system. If they have any complaints, these are resolved quickly and efficiently. This is the impression one gets from readi... »

Data whirlpool

After GDP, here are the new price indices to get used to »

Banking on autonomy

Denying funds to inefficient PSU banks is all very well, but the Centre also needs to address the root causes of inefficiency »

Transparency in politics

It’s time we reformed election funding »

What’s the right number?

GDP data creates a needless flutter »

Delete it

Article 66A of the Information Technology Act has no place in a free and democratic society »

The climate’s changing

India’s pact with the US and the emergence of a new global agenda »

Weak backbone

The government needs to create an enabling environment for creating the infrastructure for a digital India »

Micromanaging loans

Beyond symbolism

Tightening the screws

Growth illusions

Inadequate cover

Some respite

Green shoots? Not yet

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