A different kart race

Online retailers cannot sustain their current cash-burn beyond a point
Flipkart’s valuation at roughly $7 billion, after the latest round of funding received from globa... »

Putting dole to work

The MGNREGA programme can become a productive government intervention if dovetailed with other State schemes
A little-noticed proposal in this year’s Budget has been to convert the MGNREGA programme from a... »

The hope from asset sales

Capital market conditions today are favourable for debt-laden corporates to deleverage
Reliance Power’s proposed acquisition of the Jaypee Group’s entire hydel portfolio, comprising th... »

Cash isn’t king

India Inc’s idle cash balances are hurting investors and leading to a misallocation of resources
The cynical view is that Tata Consultancy Services’ special dividend payout of ₹40 a share, absor... »

Insurance takes a hike

Raising the FDI cap is sound economics and pragmatic politics
A sense of déjà vu is inescapable over the Cabinet’s decision to hike the Foreign Direct I... »

Dealing with bank failure

The Reserve Bank of India’s move to identify domestic systemically important banks (D-SIBs) is a result of the requirement that all member countries of The Basel Committee of Banking Supervision se... »

A vote of confidence

Financial Technologies India Ltd’s offloading of 15 per cent stake in MCX to Kotak Mahindra Bank is good news for commodity derivatives trading in India. MCX is the country’s leading commodity trad... »

Niche banking

The release of draft guidelines for the licensing of a new category of ‘payments banks’ by the Reserve Bank of India is an important step in a country where over half the population does not posses... »

Financing infrastructure

The Reserve Bank of India’s decision allowing banks to issue long-term bonds of minimum seven years maturity, and exempt the monies raised from reserve/priority sector lending requirements if used... »

Managing food inflation

The sharp drop in annual consumer food inflation, from 9.6 per cent in May to below 8 per cent in June, may well be no more than a temporary respite. The reason for this is that the monsoon has bee... »

Burdening the bond markets

After making all the right noises about taking steps towards a ‘vibrant, deep and liquid’ corporate bond market, the Budget has delivered a body blow to one of its fast-growing segments — debt mutu... »

The Big Bang theory

If one was looking at a Big Bang or a radical departure, they will be hard to find in Arun Jaitley’s maiden Budget. It has targeted a modest ₹43,425 crore from disinvestment in public sector under... »

Signalling realism

DV Sadananda Gowda’s Rail Budget for 2014-15 — the first by the new government — may be lacking in ambition in terms of investment plans and projects that would have also helped kick-start an econo... »

The stabilisation opportunity

The idea of setting up a price stabilisation fund (PSF) for sensitive agri-commodities, mooted at last week’s conference of State food ministers and also mentioned in the BJP’s election manifesto,... »

Knee-jerk solutions

One must appreciate the urgency and seriousness with which this government is seeking to deal with food inflation in the context of a weak monsoon so far. But unfortunately, the tools that it is de... »

Tackling fiscal slippage

Monsoon blues

Better bitter

Sweet talk

On track

More power to the crowd

A non-adversarial tax regime

Listing a leviathan

Satyam, Sahara, SEBI

Financial crime doesn’t pay. This is obviously the message the Securities and Exchange Board of India wants to send out through its mammoth disgorgement orders. In the Satyam case, SEBI has directe... »

Pseudo-swadeshi defence

The Budget proposal hiking foreign direct investment limit in defence manufacturing from 26 to 49 per cent seems pragmatic at first glance. On the one hand, it recognises the need for FDI in a sect... »

Free market? Not for drugs

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority’s decision to cap the price of 108 anti-diabetes and cardiovascular formulations has the drug industry up in arms. The principal reason is that these f... »

BRICS in the Chinese wall

The announcement by the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — to establish »

Take it easy

When Minister of State for Finance Nirmala Sitaraman, in a written reply to a parliamentary question on Friday, said that the General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR) in the Income Tax Act will be appl... »

The Trust deficit

The Finance Minister has attempted to channel funds into the infrastructure and realty sectors by easing the tax treatment of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Tru... »

A slow revival

Anybody who believed an economic revival would be occurring the moment a Narendra Modi-led Government was firmly in the saddle should temper this optimism. Achchhe din (good days) will come,... »

The road forward

A recent ‘white paper’ on the national highways by the Centre has a succinct analysis of all that went wrong with India’s road sector development in the last five years or so. The awarding of natio... »

Banking on better times

The latest Financial Stability Report (FSR) from the Reserve Bank of India suggests a slow repair of the balance sheets of Indian banks now underway. Between September 2013 and March 2014, the tota... »

Lessons for SEBI

The Securities Appellate Tribunal’s order rejecting Reliance Industries’ appeal to settle a case of alleged illegal trading with the Securities and Exchange Board of India through consent proceedin... »

Wrong call

Not ready for equities

Death by degrees

The equity trap

A primary boost

Regulating the regulators

Reality check

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