Runway to nowhere

As many as 15 new airports have been cleared by the Centre over the last several years. Most are progressing at snail’s pace, says Ashwini Phadnis
Ram Narain, a peasant in North Goa, prayed every day for an airport close to his village. It woul... »

Kannur: an exception to the trend

The project is now on schedule and expected to be operational by 2016
If Mother Nature doesn’t interrupt, the first trial landing at the Kannur airport will take p... »

Low cost, high profit

They will be a boon for passengers but there is no clarity on when low-cost airports will take off
Low-cost airports have been a success internationally. While they not only ensure better conn... »

Modernisation stuck in old ways

Differences between politicians and bureaucrats have put paid to the modernisation of many airports
Building new airports is just one part of the big picture. Probably realising the multiplier... »

Navi Mumbai airport faces air-pockets aplenty

Land acquisition and other hurdles have left plans for Mumbai’s second airport stuck on the ground
When the plan for Mumbai’s second airport was conceived in 1997, carriers such as Skyline NEP... »


Upcoming residential project at Sriperumbudur. - Photo : Bijoy Ghosh

Home, cheap home

With thousands of workers, Sriperumbudur has a big affordable housing market
From a distant suburb of Chennai offering plotted developments and residential projects for t... »


Nokia plant at Sriperumbudur. - Photo : Bijoy Ghosh

Disconnecting people

Nokia as we knew it no longer exists. Current and former employees of the firm’s Chennai plant are struggling to cope with that reality.
Nokia was once the No. 1 handset maker in the world, its dominance unchallenged. India was among... »


For India Files : Nameboards of companies at Sriperumbudur Industrial Zone.
Photo : Bijoy Ghosh
To go with Raja Simhan's story

A drop in the ocean

Nokia accounted for only a very small part of Sriperumbudur’s economic output
In May 1991, not many would have predicted that Sriperumbudur would shortly emerge as one of... »
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