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Unfurling a mythological gem

| Updated on July 08, 2013 Published on June 30, 2013

First an old joke on people watching English movies for action rather than for story since they cannot understand the dialogues.

Q: How many stories can we get from an audience of 300 who watched an English movie?

A: 400.

When we don’t understand we tend to interpret. There was a mythological character called Raktkabija. He was an asura who was capable of creating another form of himself from every drop of his blood that fell on the floor. The story goes on to say that to annihilate him, Kaali spread her tongue all over the earth and devoured all the blood that fell on the ground during the war.

An experience showed me the inner significance of the story.

A neighbour with whom I share a common passage in my house, put up a platform on the passage and refused to remove it. I filed a suit for its removal. I lost the case in the trial court.

Since there was no mention in the judgment that the encroached place belonged to him, I went on an appeal .The appeal court granted all I prayed for with costs. It was subsequently upheld by the High Court too. Two years after the judgment, he encroached on the common passage once again. Left with no other alternative, I made a written complaint to the police, along with the copy of the judgment.

The Sub-Inspector called us for enquiry. When I explained the judgment, the SI told him either to remove the structure or give it in writing that he was ready to remove it if other neighbours too objected. He opted for the second one.

When I came out of the police station, an interpretation of Rakthabija story dawned on me.

It is not the drop of blood from which the Rakthabija came to life, it is from his inherent evil - the asura quality - he came to life. The moral is, if one doesn’t remove, annihilate his/her inherent bad quality completely, there is every chance of him/her to become evil once again since the seed of evil is still inside.


Shed ego. Give a recess to knowledge Look around and see the beauty of the world Why all these, a question will arise Don’t search for answers For, you may get lost among man-made gods. Reasoning is essential though, To wonder is the essence of sixth-sense

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Published on June 30, 2013
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