Business Wire IndiaHotelogix, one of the leaders in cloud-based hotel management solutions, has recently become a natural choice of solution for majority of hotel owners in Nepal. It has partnered with many of the leading hotels and brands in Nepal market, including Shehari Hospitality, Kathmandu Eco Hotel, Hotel Heranya, and Tangalwood Apartments, to help them become more competitive in the dynamic marketplace. Hotels in 113 countries currently are using Hotelogix’s solution to optimize their resources and drive incremental revenue.The properties are using Hotelogix’s cloud-based hotel management applications and integrated revenue management tools to support their operations. Hospitality as an industry is at a tipping point in terms of cloud adoption. Cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) has seen a rapid uptake in recent years and is predicted to grow even further.“Tourism accounts for 7.5 percent of Nepal's GDP and is forecast to rise 4.3 percent annually, to Rs 287.6 billion by 2027. There is a rise in the number of hotels coming in the region and we are excited to see how these hoteliers are realizing the benefits of Hotelogix and are quickly moving to cloud technology,” Aditya Sanghi, Co-Founder and CEO, Hotelogix, said.“As more and more hoteliers are embracing the cloud technology, we are sure in the coming years, the dynamics of the hotel industry will completely transform in the region for good. Cloud-based solutions have become an indispensable part to providing exceptional lodging experience, and whoever understands this, stays ahead of the game,” he concluded.Commenting about the experience, Rome Ghimire, owner, Shehari Hospitality, said, “Hotelogix has provided us with one-stop solution to manage our hotel operations at an affordable pricing. It is user friendly and has everything that one requires to keep your hotel up-to-date with the information (data) required.”“We hope in the long run Hotelogix will help us double our revenues and we will certainly use the solution in our other hotel projects coming up shortly,” he added.According to a Grant Thornton report, UK leads the way in adopting cloud-enabled PMS (32%), closely followed by USA (30%). The appetite for cloud-enabled PMS is not just confined to the advanced markets of USA and UK, it is also growing rapidly in the Asian geography as well. Nepal is one such market where cloud adoption is growing rapidly, replacing legacy hotel technology giants.ABOUT HOTELOGIX:Hotelogix is a hospitality technology solution provider dedicated to bringing the benefits of end-to-end Hotel Management Services on the Cloud platform. They cater completely to the growing needs of Hotels in the enterprise segment. It was incorporated in March 2008 and is headquartered at New Delhi NCR, India, with a Sales and Marketing Office in Bengaluru, India.Hotelogix has been at the forefront of cloud technology in the hospitality sector. Hotels in more than 100 countries are using this solution to optimize their resources and drive incremental revenue. It aims to provide a complete solution to hotels of all sizes, including multi-properties, which benefit from its centralized control.