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the water wives

Tata Sky Christmas


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For a change, we asked some of our own colleagues to pick ads or campaigns of 2015 that they liked. Here’s why, in their words

Mahima: Distress can take extreme forms, and yet be forgotten/ ignored by those not affected by it. The Wives, a short film for the Web by ActionAid India, highlights the story of water scarcity from rural India. The ad film explores patriarchy and polygamy in the backdrop of acute water shortage in rural Maharashtra.

The Wives

Action Aid India

Apuurva: At a time when the world is plagued by distrust of people from other cultures, this ad points out that all is not lost. The best bit is that the location is vague — they could be playing it anywhere, and it could still be related to Christmas. The idea, aesthetics and music are a perfect fit.

A Christmas Surprise

Tata Sky

Sandhya: This ad by an NGO seeks to sensitise boys to sexual harassment. A mother, noticing her son teasing his women neighbours, tactfully tells him how she faced similar trouble. It makes the point pithily, without drama. Videos such as these can be effective antidotes to movies glorifying such mistreatment.

Share Your Story With Your Son


Gayathri: A group of children line up for a curtain call. No applause, but the click of smartphone cameras. One man stands up and claps. The children’s faces brighten. Smartphones make life easier, but set the stage for emotional detachment from the family, especially from children, who need encouragement.

The Complete Man TVC Year 2015


Lavanya: While the campaign addressed specific social issues, my favourite ad is the one on the lesbian couple. For the first time, a realistic ad portraying the lives of LGBT individuals was made. Given the fast rise of the LGBT community in the country, such ads are vital to help people understand LGBT individuals are no different from anybody else.

Bold is Beautiful


I’m not and have never been a user of Pantene, but this ad campaign really stood out, simply because it was everywhere. There was no way I wouldn’t see it at least once a day. I also got to see a quirky and fun side to the women brand ambassadors, something you normally don’t see.



Pradipti: This ad uses the much maligned and often stereotyped relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and puts a sweet twist on it. It is fun and memorable and ties in well with all other Cadbury commercials. I will know it's the Cadbury ad even blindfolded.

Badhti Dosti Ke Naam, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

Cadbury Dairy Milk

The OLX ad may logically have its flaws. If she took cabs to start with, what made her less independent after marriage, she could continue using them. But that’s perhaps being too pedantic. Overall, the script, actors and background score are memorable and deftly address the urban, middle class youth, their problems and aspirations.

Aadhe Tere – Aadhe Mere


Published on December 31, 2015
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