The backtrackers




Name companies that backtracked from big and bold changes in name and logo, we asked you last week.

We cited the case of Coca-Cola and Gap. Here are some more: In 2009, Tropicana dropped its familiar design of a straw in an orange from its cartons. Criticism was quick and sharp, sales plummeted and the old logo was back in a month. In 1997, British Airways dropped the Union Jack from the tailfin of its aircraft and replaced it with designs by artists from all over the world. Complaints from passengers and crew alike made British Airways stop painting the planes in 1999. In 2001, when a new chief executive took charge, the Union Jack was restored. Kraft brand Vegemite, a savoury spread for toast and sandwiches in Australia changed its name to iSnack2.0 after holding a contest to let consumers suggest and choose a new name.

However, that was no insurance against a backlash, and Kraft renamed it Vegemite in five days. Other name and logo changes that baffled (and failed): Royal Mail to Consignia, MasterCard to MasterCard Worldwide, Pizza Hut to The Hut. Singer Prince changed his name to a symbol to get out of a recording contract with Warner Bros but went back to it when the contract expired.

Published on November 27, 2014


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