Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited (GEMPL), the e-mobility business of Greaves Cotton Limited, has revealed the design inspiration for its upcoming electric two and three-wheelers, poised for unveiling at Auto Expo 2023. 

“Greaves’ upcoming EV product portfolio draws its inspiration from the ‘Arctic Tern’, the graceful and most enduring bird that migrates an average annual round-trip length of 60,000 miles a year - that’s twice the circumference of the earth,” the company added in a press statement.

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The key highlights of the design include a sustainable spirit that stems from the angular large wings, with pointed tips that help the Tern hover in the air as well as glide through the skies fluidly. This has inspired GEMPL to bring together a seamless amalgamation of super-efficient design, with sustainable technologies, and create products that lead to zero emissions.

“When it comes to mobility, the Arctic Tern is highly aerodynamic and slender, with angular wings and streamlined form, allowing it to move swiftly through varied temperate zones, altitudes, and geographies. The new portfolio of EV products has embodied similar aerodynamic efficiency, slick aesthetics, and lightweight form factor, qualities that are essential in an EV for optimal performance and experience” the Company added.

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Technology and its impact on navigation is another important aspect, as the Arctic Tern is sensitive to the earth’s magnetic fields and can navigate long-haul flights effortlessly. Intelligent navigation technology with intuitive UI/UX will emerge as a prominent feature in the upcoming EVs, the Company stated in a press note.