Hindustan EV Motors Corporation, a Kerala Startup Mission venture, has rolled out its new electric two-wheelers in the market with innovative technologies.

Industries Minister P. Rajeev and Transport Minister Anthony Raju jointly launched the Kerala’s own brand of electric vehicles in Kochi manufactured in collaboration with the American company Landi Lanso. The new vehicles are introduced with fast charging batteries with flash and fast charging system.

Biju Varghese, Managing Director of Hindustan EV Motors Corporation, said both the models will be available in the market within four months.

The vehicles include Landi Lanzo e-bike, Landi E-Horse and Landi Lanzo e-scooter, Landi Eagle Jet. The Landi Lanzo uses the most advanced EV technology. Landi Lanzo bikes and scooters come to the market by addressing the concerns of charging time, battery replacement after two to three years, and fire risk that electric vehicles usually face.

Landi Lanzo Z series electric vehicles have been introduced solving the major shortcomings faced by all current electric vehicles. It has also been listed on the Vahan Parivahan portal, he said.

While all current electric vehicles take 4 to 8 hours for battery charging, Landi Lanzo Z series come with flash chargers and fast charger systems, he said. Its 5th generation Lithium Titanate Oxinano battery pack can be charged in just 5 to 10 minutes. For the first time in India, an electric vehicle with a flash charging system is being launched in the market, he added.

The 5th generation Lithium Titanate Oxyano cells would ensure the battery life to 15-25 years. The manufacturing unit in Kochi has the capacity to produce 850 to 1,500 vehicles per month.

There are also plans to start production of electric bus, SUV and mini car where the company will set up a manufacturing unit in the State for which an investment of ₹120 crore has been earmarked, he added.