Indian Immunologicals Ltd (IIL) has launched Goat Pox Vaccine (Raksha Goat Pox) which is expected to help Control of Goat Pox disease.

“Indian Immunologicals is committed to introducing such products for the national interest and will abundantly help marginal livestock growers of their livelihood and protect their flock from various diseases,'' K Anand Kumar, Managing Director, IIL said in a release issued on Sunday.

India has about 150 million Goat population and this disease is endemic in many parts of Asia, Africa and Middle East. Goat Pox is highly contagious and spreads through aerosol, contact and also through vectors such as flies. Goats of all ages and breeds are affected but disease is very severe in young, old and lactating animals.

The disease is characterised by high fever, generalised nodules/papules over skin, face, mucus membranes of mouth, conjunctiva, nasal cavities, severe internal lesions (lungs, reproductive and digestive tracts) and finally results in death in many cases.

The prevalence rate of Goat pox varies according to agroclimatic zones and may be up to 48% in certain parts as per a study. The morbidity of goat pox may be up to 100% and mortality up to 85% thus causing huge losses to the small animal farmers or livestock growers.

IIL’s Raksha Goat Pox vaccine is a live attenuated vaccine I.P. (Uttarkashi strain) grown on Vero Cell Culture. The Primary vaccination to be done at 3 months of age and revaccination annually with a dose rate of 1 ml, to be administered subcutaneously.

The technology for vaccine manufacturing and testing of Goat Pox Vaccine was obtained from Indian Council of Agriculture Research - Indian Veterinary Research Institute (ICAR- IVRI), Government of India and has been tested and certified by IVRI for commercial release.

Earlier IIL launched several other vaccines such as Classical Swine Fever vaccine, PPR Vaccine etc under tech transfer arrangement with IVRI.