MPL (Mobile Premier League) has turned profitable on a group level since December 2022 and is eyeing its fifth international expansion by next year, the company’s co-founder and CEO, Sai Srinivas, told businessline

MPL is currently present on four continents, including Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. Further, Srinivas noted that MPL has achieved profitability while growing its net revenue by 80 per cent y-o-y.

“Since December 2022, we have been consistently profitable every month. In April, we will probably spend a little more because it is the marketing season. This will be the first full financial year in the company where we will be generating profits, and we expect it to only grow in the upcoming years.” 

Srinivas attributed this milestone to the company’s efforts towards reducing infrastructure costs and building in-house SaaS tools. He added that there is huge saving potential in cloud costs, and this approach has also enabled MPL to expand in different geographies in a profitable manner. 

New gaming rules

Talking about new gaming regulations in India, Srinivas said, “I am excited about how these regulations will help new game developers, who will now not have to face the struggles that incumbents like us did. MPL also benefits from the new gaming laws, as they now open up the possibility of gaming companies listing on the public market. I remember multiple instances in the past where multiple investors told us that they were worried about the regulatory ambiguity in the gaming sector.” 

New gaming rules are expected to remove the ongoing ambiguity in the online gaming sector. MPL is also working on developing a battle royale game through its in-house game development studio, Mayhem, and is expected to launch it sometime this year. Mayhem Studios also reportedly raised a $20 million funding round earlier this year.