Pitti Engineering, manufacturer of Electrical Steel Laminations, Sub-Assemblies for Motor Cores and Sub-Assemblies for Generators, has reported a 25 per cent increase in March quarter net profit at ₹25 crore.

The company has declared a dividend of ₹1.20 per share on a face value of ₹5 per share, amounting to a total dividend of ₹2.70 per share, including interim dividend of ₹1.50 per share declared during the year.

Revenue from operations was down 9 per cent at ₹248 crore.

EBITDA was up 15 per cent at ₹41 crore.

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For the year-ended March, its net profit was up 13 per cent at ₹59 crore on a revenue of ₹1,118 crore (₹970 crore).

EBITDA increased to ₹151 crore (₹133 crore).

Akshay S Pitti, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Pitti Engineering said progressing towards the goal of achieving a sheet metal capacity of 72,000 tonne, the company has showcased its commitment to enhance manufacturing capabilities.

“With a robust demand outlook, diverse product offerings, and expanding capacity, we are well-poised to seize future opportunities,” he added.

The company supplies a range of products to vastly diversified segments like hydro and thermal generation, windmill, mining, cement, steel, sugar, construction, lift irrigation, freight rail, passenger rail, mass urban transport, appliances, medical equipment, oil & gas, and various several other industrial applications.