VKC Group, leading footwear manufacturers, has unveiled an innovative ‘Complete Fashion’ concept with its latest offering, VKC Debon.

This pioneering concept redefines footwear by encapsulating a spectrum of styles across 16 distinct categories, ranging from dynamic sports shoes and breezy sandals to casual flip flops, versatile open wear, chic V-straps, modern clogs, and effortless slides. Notably, VKC Debon will have such an extensive range of footwear choices under one roof, catering to a myriad of tastes and occasions.

VKC Mammad Koya, Chairman VKC Group launched the brand VKC Debon by presenting the footwear to popular reality show fame Aryananda.

VKC Debon is positioned as a new brand in complete fashion with all the contemporariness of the modern global footwear fashion. India should always aim to compete and win against China in the footwear market game for global supremacy. VKC Debon will be The Complete New Fashion brand with a special focus on PU products for the common man who is interested in the concept of value for money”, said VKC Razak, the group’s managing director.

VKC Debon targets the fashion-conscious youth by offering a wide range of trendy footwear choices through its “Complete Fashion” concept, allowing individuals to easily complement their attire.