Nearly 25 per cent teas, worth ₹2.57 crore of the 18.12 lakh kg on offer at Sale No: 27 of Coonoor Tea Trade Association auctions, remained unsold when the average prices rose to ₹69.29 a kg from previous week’s ₹68.82.

Hittakkal Speciality tea, auctioned by Paramount Tea Marketing, was the only CTC grade to enter ₹200-a-kg bracket and it fetched ₹200 a kg.

Homedale Estate tea, auctioned by Global Tea Brokers, topped Dust market fetching ₹195. Darmona Estate got ₹191. In all, 51 marks got ₹125 and more per kg. Kodanad topped orthodox market from corporate sector fetching ₹269, followed by Karibetta ₹241, Chamraj ₹231 and Havukal ₹229. In all, 37 marks got ₹125 and more per kg.

Quotations held by brokers indicated bids ranging ₹40-44 a kg for plain leaf grades and ₹100-140 for brighter liquoring sorts.

They ranged ₹48-55 for plain dusts and ₹110-175 for brighter liquoring dusts.

There was some purchase for Pakistan in wide range ₹50-113 a kg.